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⏤ ❛ it's four o'clock in the middle ❜

⏤ ❛ it's four o'clock in the middle ❜

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❛ of the night, and i can't sleep. ❜ ⏤

sleeping was never her strong suit. in fact, it was the thing she was worst at. not because she didn't enjoy the thought of having a restful sleep, it wasn't because she had excess energy or because her bed was too hard. none of those were a problem for her, she just found that she is unable to sleep. perhaps it is out of fear, her dreams always terrified her. she saw blood and gore every where she looked in her sleep. she saw her friends dying and her lover, she assumes, being set on fire. 

she tried everything to rid herself of the dreams, she had talked to doctors, tried many types of therapy. but nothing worked. so every night she would toss and turn until she just couldn't take it any longer. she would put on her beloved denim jacket and she would walk the streets of mystic falls. she usually walked a different direction each night, never taking the same route two nights in a row, yet she always ended up in the same spot.

so, on a cold thursday night, she grabbed her jacket and walked to the park. of course, no one thought to warn her about the original vampires on the loose.

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