Fleeting and Forever by Ninya Tippett

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Story Author: ninyatippett

Genre/Tags: Romance first person POV Romance author batboy billionaire cobaltbay 


Seventeen year old, Max Croft is on his way home from a yachting party when he is attacked. A man with a spade tattoo on his arm says it's a friendly warning for his father.

Max enjoys anything fast or dangerous so is used to broken bones. They didn't kill him so it was only a threat.

Max sees his father is resigned to doing what the kidnappers want.

He will never be.

Years later, writer Aiko Bradley has written a teen adventure series but is now suffering from writer's block. She travels to Cobalt Bay where Max Croft is one of the Cobalt Bay Billionaires and a bad boy womaniser.

Max is arrested after a brawl in a nightclub about a married woman.

Aiko goes to the jail and says she'll bail him out if he agrees to be her boyfriend. She says she hasn't had one and wants to cross it off her list. Three months should be enough and to get rid of her virginity.

He's amazed that's she carrying cash around the city late at night but agrees to one month.

As Max and Aiko fall in love, it's clear to the reader he's hiding a double life - but what it is isn't clear until near the end. He helps her with amongst other things, her writer's block and she shows him how attractive normalcy is.

This story is part of a standalone series called the Cobalt Bay Billionaires - that are all available on Wattpad. Each story follows a different couple but with cameos from people in the other stories.

This is a fun, glamorous, escapist romance with all the emotional highs and lows we expect in a romance but unpredictable twists that make it memorable. The author is a Wattpad star.             

Reviewer: MaryFahey

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