Ella rolled down the window glass of her seat to let the cold breeze enter. Wind swayed through her hair messing her bun but she didn't mind. The touch of the breeze on her skin made her shiver but helped to calm her nerves down. It made her forget about her miseries for a moment. She leaned back in her seat looking absent mindedly outside the window.

"Ella." Her mom called out.

A moment later, she looked at her mother- her eyebrows were cringed, eyes focused on the road while she drove. She looked tensed and apologistic.

"Ella darling. You still have time to change your mind. We can find a way out." Her mom pleaded.

Ella's mom had been saying this over and over again, ever since she told her family about her plan to shift to New York. She knew her decision was hurting her mother. It was a difficult decision for Ella herself, she loved her city, it's people and the easy going life. Leeds was the city she grew up in. She had en number of memories attached to this city. The decision of leaving everything behind and starting a new life in a foreign land was making her nerves go haywire. But the decision was made and there was no going back.

Ella felt that if she stayed another day in this city, she would go crazy and might do something impulsive. Memories of that dreadful night kept flooding back to her mind. She knew she had to leave and go far away from this place. Had she stayed home that night her life wouldn't have changed so dramatically. She would've lived happily with her family in her city. She wouldn't have to leave her friends, her school, her normal life. It was a big and difficult step but she knew she had no other option. She couldn't let her family and her close ones suffer because of her. She had to leave them because she loved them and cared for them.

"Mom, please. I can't change my decision. It's final." She replied back and continued watching outside the window.

Her mom sighed in defeat.

"Fine Ella. I won't force you. Maybe it's for good. Maybe going away from here will help you forget what happened and start over anew."

Ella was silent. She kept gazing outside the window in utter silence. Her mom sighed remembering the cheerful and lively girl she had once been. The past 5 months had been a nightmare for all of them. Their lives had taken a drastic turn over these few months. That accident and what followed after that accident made Ella's ordinary life change into something she'd never imagined in her wildest dreams. Ella was no longer that happy and cheerful girl anymore. She kept quite most of the time. She barely ate anything and couldn't sleep in peace. That accident had turned Ella's life into a nightmare.

Their car pulled into the airport parking lot. The soothing feeling that she had a few moments ago inside the car was gone as she got out of the car, ready to enter the airport terminal. Her mom looked at her with teary eyes. Ella was trying to hold back her tears but when her mother hugged her to say goodbye Ella could no longer control the tears from escaping her eyes.

"I'm sorry mom. It was all my fault. I'm so sorry." She hugged her mom tight and wept.

"No, sweetheart. Stop blaming yourself for what happened that night. It was an accident. It wasn't your fault." Her mom said in a cracked voice. After hugging and crying for some more time she finally bid her mother goodbye and entered the terminal.

This is going to be a new beginning- Ella thought. New city, new people, new life- a whole new beginning. She tried to be hopeful but uncertainty and her fears continued to haunt her. She couldn't help but wonder if it was  really going to be a new beginning or would things be the same as they were back home. Would the haunting still continue?

Would she follow her to the new place too?


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