Chapter 4

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Meissa lay snuggled into Remus's side with the sheet lying at their waist. The sunlight shone gently down upon them, making Meissa look like a angel. Remus looked at the girl, unsure what she saw in him. Although, Remus couldn't care less as he felt too relaxed in that moment. It was almost as if the war wasn't happening. As if he wasn't a broken man that couldn't provide for her. As if she hadn't been abused by her family. It was as if everything was perfect.

But death loomed over Britain and he wasn't anywhere near finished with taking lives. In fact, death came knocking on the young couple's door, breaking the tranquil moment. Remus groaned and went to get up but a dainty hand grabbed his shoulder and lured him back into bed. Meissa almost succeeded until the person at the door started to knock my furiously.

"Just coming!" Remus yelled as he got out of bed and jumped into a pair of boxers and pulled a shirt on.

"Rem," Meissa called before he left the room, "Don't forget your wand."

Remus nodded and went into his bedside table to get it. He pressed a kiss upon Meissa's cheek before going to answer the door. When Remus opened the door and saw his father with red, swollen eyes, Remus was scared.

His dad never cried. Never. He was a tough man, not a strong man but a tough one. The only thing that could make him cry was...

"What's happened to Mum?" Remus asked, desperately.

Lyall Lupin couldn't look at Remus, not when he had her eyes.

"She's on her last threat," Lyall told him, "She wants to see you."


Meissa couldn't believe that Mrs Lupin was dying. You wouldn't know it from just speaking to her. Mrs Lupin called the flat frequently and often spoke to Meissa for hours on end. She was a very sweet woman and Meissa enjoyed to listen to her chatter and gossip about her life and neighbours. But seeing her bed ridden, it broke Meissa's heart.

She was dying from a Muggle disease. It frustrated Meissa that she couldn't do anything for the woman that was so kind to her.

She had been asleep since Remus and Meissa had arrived. Remus had sat at her bed side the entire time, holding her fragile hand while he was bouncing his leg. Meissa looked outside and saw it was now night. She pushed herself off of the wall she had been leaning on and walked over to her boyfriend, placing a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at her with teary eyes.

"You should go rest," She said, "I'll come get you if she wakes up." She added when she saw him about to protest.

She gave him a quick peck as he left the room.

Meissa leaned back in the chair Remus had been previously sitting on and stared at the ceiling. Many thoughts consumed her and she rubbed her stomach unconsciously.

"How far along are you?" a hoarse voice asked.

Meissa jumped and turned to Mrs Lupin to see the woman weakly smiling at her.

"T-Two months..." Meissa stuttered.

"Does he know?"

Meissa shook her head, sadly, "I don't think he wants children."

"Don't be silly, dear," Mrs Lupin scolded, taking Meissa into her own, "He'll more than happy with the thought of a child as long as it's with you."

Meissa looked shyly at Mrs Lupin, "You think?"

Mrs Lupin smiled, "I know, dear."


Mrs Lupin died a week after their conversation. Meissa went to the funeral with Remus and held his hand the entire time. She knew she had to speak to him about what she discussed about with Mrs Lupin but after the funeral, Remus just delved into fighting in the war. He took longer and more dangerous missions. This would leave Meissa alone in the flat for days, maybe even weeks. Of course, she had the occassional visit from Sirius who would tell her stories about his experience in Gryffindor and mischeif he and his friends got into.

Meissa was losing her mind inside the tiny flat, she felt like she would turn out like Bella if she stayed her, alone.

She was surprised to wake up one morning and see him just sitting in the living room. She walked around the couch to ask him what he was doing until she saw a bag sitting by his feet. She felt her heart drop and it must've shown on her face for once because Remus was quick on his feet to explain.

He was going to be a spy for the Order within the werewolf community. Dumbledore had a hunch that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was going to recruit werewolves and it would be best to keep an eye on them. Only that not any old wizard could be there with them, it had be Remus. Werewolves were treated like dirt within the wizarding community, Meissa knew this as her family was part of it, and so they didn't trust wizards. At all. Remus would be entering under a different name and would be living with them until told otherwise.

Meissa knew what Remus was trying to tell her as he rambled: he was trying to break up with her.

Meissa knew she could pull the 'I'm baring your child' card but she couldn't do that to Remus. She wanted him to stay, of course, but willingly. Not forced to.

She stopped Remus talking by placing a finger upon his lips and smiling sadly at him.

"My door is always open." Was all Meissa said.


Sirius Black pounded his fist against the door, getting irritated by the young woman's behaviour.

It had been months since Remus had left for his mission and had broken up with the youngest Black sister. Meissa had locked herself away in the flat, not allowing any visitors. Sirius called frequently to check up on the girl but hadn't been believing the woman's claimed that she was 'fine'.

Sirius banged the door again, "Mei, open up! I know you're in there!"

"Do you mind, young man!" A elderly voice scolded.

Sirius turned around and jumped back in fear at the sight that had revealed itself. Meissa's across the hall neighbour was an elderly woman with enough cats to take over the world, it seemed. Sirius noticed a pair having a better love life that he was right by the woman's feet. The woman herself was slightly hunched over and had big round glasses making her eyes appear twice their normal size.

Sirius looked her up and down before spinning back to the door and furiously banging on it, "MEI! HELP!"

He let out a shriek as something whacked him behind his knee causing him to falter. Turns out this woman used her walking stick as a weapon more than it's actual purpose. She continued to hit him while scolding him for being so loud. Sirius was about to bang the door again until it swung open.

Sirius turned to his saviour only for all emotion to drain from his face. Meissa stood in her doorway, her hand resting on her round stomach with an empty look in her eye.

"It's okay, Mrs Tolly. He's my cousin."


Sirius found out about Meissa being pregnant with Remus's child. She made him swear not to tell Remus. This caused Sirius to get in contact with Meissa's older sister, Andromeda. Meissa cried when she saw her sister.

Andromeda was Meissa's rock through the whole pregnancy. She was right there for the birth that took place in that tiny flat she called home.

Bringing her child into the world as the snow fell outside...

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