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Here's a quick little thing to keep in mind. If Lloyd has his hood down in the show, you more than likely have your hood down too, unless it is said otherwise. Also, when I say Ninja P.O.V, that counts Nya, Sensei Wu, or anyone else that may be important enough to follow.

Ninja's P.O.V.

A loud gonging sound crashed through the newly named Destiny's Bounty, scaring some of the birds that lay rest on the boat away. "Evil doesn't sleep, and neither should you." Sensei called to the ninja, in attempt to wake them up.

"In order to reach your full potential, we must greet each day as an opportunity." Sensei added, as they all covered their heads with blankets and pillows.

"Okay, okay, we're up. But if you want us to reach our full potential, shouldn't we at least get a full night of rest?" Kai asked Sensei half heartedly, as he attempted to open the blinds, which just fell off.

He stared at the fallen blinds for a moment, until Cole said, "Unh.. You call that rest? I think my back has more lumps than the mattress!" He complained, as his pack popped with some gruesome cracks.

"We were up so late, talking about how cool it is to have a new headquarters, I guess we lost track of time." Jay said with a yawn, as he turned on the sink which only spit out dust. "Since the Serpentine burned down the Monastery, I'm just glad we have a roof over our heads-- Ack!" The poor unknowing Jay attempted to brush his teeth, only to be met with dusty toothpaste.

"What is our lesson today, Sensei? Mastering the strike of the scorpion? Or perhaps the grace of a--" Zane was cut short by the floor giving out beneath him.

He coughed as dust filled his lungs. The other ninja walked by him, and just stared at Sensei for a moment, waiting for his reply. "I think today's lesson will be chores." He said with a smile.

"Chores!?" Everyone shouted.

"Ninja fight, sensei. They do not clean." Cole told him.

"In order to respect ourselves, we must respect our new home and where we are from. And this place is a long way from becoming a ninja headquarters. I expect things to be spotless when I return. And put your backs into it." Sensei finished off, as he hit the gong one last time.

Cole helped Zane out of the hole in the floor he was stuck in. "Ah, this place is gonna take forever to clean and fix up." Kai whined.

"Unless we put more than our backs into it, eh?" Jay said, giving Kai a playful wink.

After finally getting dressed, the ninja began to use their powers to their advantage. Cole used Spinjitzu to carry all the trash out of the Bounty. Kai and Zane used their weapons to freeze the rooms, and melt the ice, giving the room a damp, but dust free environment. The water would dry soon enough. Jay used his weapons to provide electricity to the Bounty, letting the lights work. All of the ninja helped open the sails, freeing the dust that was trapped in them and constantly raining down on them, and Jay used his Spinjitzu to blow away anything that was left.

As Sensei and Nya walked into the makeshift gaming room the ninja created, they were awestruck to see them playing video games, and how clean the place was looking. "What took you so long?" Kai joked.

"Wow! This place looks amazing. You guys did all this?" Nya asked.

"Ninja don't just fight, Nya. We clean." Cole snickered.

"Oh. You have exceeded my expectations, but can you keep it up?" Sensei asked.

Nya was caught off guard by the sound of a loud car. She looked out the window, to see the somewhat strange car driving their way. "It looks like we're about to have some visitors. And loud ones at that." Nya said.

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