"Give me a second." removing my glasses and head set which I wear for protection of my eyes and ears. I picked up the call without even checking the caller ID.

"Hello.?" I was out of breath because of all the exercise and moves I practised before moving to gun.

"Maha. I am so sorry I am disturbing you in middle of your training. But I need a favour from you and its urgent." I heard my husband tense voice.

"What is it.?" we don't do the chit chat.

"My file. I forgot to take my file with me and now I am having a meeting with my clients who are already here. So can you please bring the file to my office.?" he pleaded to me.

"Ok I will be there." sighing I ended the call before he could say something else. I knew where the file will be. So I didn't even bothered to ask.

I promised Drake this will not happen again and I will be a good student. He was literally scolding me. I ran out of the place hurriedly. Driving in not so decent speed. I am sure I will be getting a ticket for driving so fast.

Parking the car in our driveway I ran into my house. Throwing the bag and keys on the bed I took out the first outfit I saw and went into the bathroom for a quick shower.

Hey I can't go into a multi billion company in gymnastic cloths.

After getting ready I took the file from his study room desk and I was on my way to his office. I was little nervous because this was the first time I will be stepping into his company.

Thanks to the google navigation map. I was soon in the parking of the most beautiful building I had ever saw. I wanted to just stand and admire the building but my conciousness smacked me, reminding me what I was here for.

I was sweating profusely because of all the running I did. I entered into the largest enterance ever. People were dressed professionally. I felt so out of place in my jeans and tees paired with snickers.

Oh God. What the hell I was thinking when I put this on.?

I groaned loudly getting some attention from the people walking around me. Just great. I cleared my throat awkwardly and went towards the receptionist clutching the file tightly in my hand.

"Good afternoon ma'am. How can I help you.?" she smiled at me but her stares said the other story.

"Can you please tell me where is the meeting room located.?" I had not even bothered to share the greetings.

"Nineteenth floor, first room on right side." now she looked at me in pure disgust. I just rolled my eyes. Only if she knew.

I waited for the elevator tapping my foot on the polished floor. I can even see my face in the reflection.

People started to gather around me giving me weird stares.


Finally.! I thanked Allah thousand times for saving me. But to my utter dismay they will be my companion in this elevator ride.

Just Great.!

There were almost fifteen people. The elevator was big enough to carry all those well built men and slim women. They really look like gym junkies.

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