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David runs up to me with his camera in hand, "Kalani, oh my god," he whispers. "What?" I ask, I'm sitting in the apartments living room. 

"Is Dom having sex in your bed?" I ask, expecting a yes. 

"No, Alex has a girl over," he says, waving me over to walk with him. My mouth drops, "Really!?" I basically scream. David shushes me and drags me off the couch. I run down the narrow hallway with him until we reach Alex's room.

We both listen through the door, and hear Alex sweet talking somebody. I giggle, "you open the door and he's having sex with Dom," I joke. David does his yell laugh, and I hit him. Alex stops talking, and I hear him walk toward the door. 

"Shit!" David yells, as we both run back to the living room. We both leap onto it and start hysterical laughing. He quickly turns off the camera and turns to me. After a while, David turns on his camera again. I grab his elbow as he gets up, "What are you gonna do?" I ask quietly. 

He gives me a look, "Uh, barge in," he gingerly walks down the hallway. I follow him, wanting to know what the reaction will be. 

I watch David open the door and sprint in, "Ah ha!" he screams. I stay outside, not wanting to a actually get beat up by Alex. "Alex what is this!?" he screams, I peer in. Alex is standing there shirtless with his pitbull cutout. I laugh as he pretends to cover it,and David points his camera to me. 

"See, now you have nothing to worry about Kalani!" he laughs. My face gets red, I try to think of something to say. Alex interrupts." I dunno, pitbull is pretty sexy," we all laugh in unison.

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