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imsebastianstan this man is officially forbidden to touch any piano

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imsebastianstan this man is officially forbidden to touch any piano.

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user01 chace is so perfect i'm crying

user02 he looks like a pro tho 🤗

imsebastianstan @user02 exactly, looks... doesn't play like one

user03 chace finally shaved, that's my boiii

emsjones my ears still hurt

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chacecrawford stop roasting me tf

user05 oh @emsjones u cute

leswinters never trust someone who claims to play moonlight sonata like Beethoven

imsebastianstan i could post the videos but I don't have enough money to pay for my fans' hospital bill

user04 I'm here for this new squad

robertdowneyjr there's no squad without me @user04

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chacecrawford can you save me? @robertdowneyjr, please

robertdowneyjr That depends... Team Iron Man? @chacecrawford

chacecrawford yes *whispers, runs to the bathroom and locks the door*

user04 am i ded

imsebastianstan @user04 no, but @chacecrawford is to me

emsjones awww, guys lets stop the roasting

imsebastianstan DON'T GO SOFT NOW EMMA

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user06 who are these girls wtf

user07 seb's hanging out with random chicks now lol @user06

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leswinters @chacecrawford, you random chick

chacecrawford i'm sad, leave me be

user01 LESLIE IS SO BEAUTIFUL, thank u for not having your ig private @leswinters

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user04 y'all.. don't start @user06 @user07 already throwing shade damn, get a life

user07 Just saying... we all know what went down with @margosha777

emsjones wth is happening? @imsebastianstan 😂

user08 why do you care????? @user07

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user07 bitch, i've been a fan 4 yrs. who tf r you? @user08

user01 @chacecrawford all bc you can't play the damn piano! 😂

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