Chapter 2

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When Remus had told his friends that he'd come along to the pub, they were ecstatic. They were so excited that they may have went over board. Peter had left earlier in the night because he didn't want to stumble home to his mum drunk. So James and Sirius went a bit mad with the drink, and it being Muggle alcohol as well, they were kind of light weights. James couldn't form a sentence without laughing so Remus thought it would be best if he didn't let Lily see her husband in this state. Then Sirius demanded that him and James should never leave each other's side.

Remus didn't want them to harass Meissa but he couldn't leave them. He just had to hope they wouldn't see Meissa, especially Sirius. Remus knew about Sirius's deep hatred for any one that was related to him except his cousin Andromeda. Meissa had told Remus that she had never actually spoken to Sirius before, she considered him a complete stranger which Remus found very strange. But then again, he grew up in a loving house – Sirius and Meissa hadn't. He was worried about Meissa and how she would react.

When Sirius fell through the doorway, she got a fright and looked very nervous. However, the pair on the verge of sleep anyways and didn't realise that their was a woman tending to them. Meissa made sure that both of the boy's were comfortable. She made Remus place Sirius on the couch and made a cushion like mattress for James to sleep upon and pulled out blankets for them both.

It wasn't until they got into bed themselves did Meissa ask the question bouncing around in her head.

"Remus," she started, Remus hummed in response as he was also on the verge on sleep, "Who are they?"

Remus's eyes popped open and looked down at his girlfriend as she looked at him with her doe eyes. He was surprised she couldn't identify who Sirius was.

"W-Well, the one with the glasses is called James-"

"The one that got married to the Mud – uh – Muggleborn?" Meissa said, correcting herself.

"Yeah, yeah," Remus said, stroking the spine of her bare back as he nervously looked around the room, "The other is Sirius."

Meissa blinked owlishly, "Black?"

Remus nodded and watched Meissa's face to see if there was any discomfort. She hid her expressions very well, too well, so Remus half the time didn't know what was going through the girl's head. Meissa bit her bottom lip as she usually does when in thought or unsure about something and looked down at Remus's chest. She had been absentmindedly been tracing the scars upon his chest. Remus hated them but Meissa made sure every single one gained a bit of her love.

She looked up into his forest green eyes that were watching her intently. Meissa let out a sigh before abruptly jumping out of the bed. Remus was so shocked that he almost didn't register it. He looked to see her peeking out into the living room to look at the  snoring boy's.

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