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It's hard to escape the inevitable

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It's hard to escape the inevitable. For Gray, the inevitable is her seemingly instantaneous arrival of superpowers. Of course, with this arrival comes the superheroes and supervillains.

Or according to the news, two superheroes and a psychopathic lunatic on a subway. Gray grips her beer bottle tighter, her eyes scanning the television with utmost concentration. A few days have passed since Doomsday (Gray takes to nicknaming her fateful encounter this and will continue to refer to it as such) and yet the media does not hesitate to bring it up every chance they can.

This time, headlining possibly every newspaper in Redvale is the untimely death of Marcus Bradford, the psychopath from the subway. He has—apparently—committed suicide, much to the confusion and shock of everyone following up on Redvale's one and only supervillain.

A short lived age of supervillainy that Gray does not want to hear another word about.

"Ridge, can you please change the channel?" she pleads, turning her head away from the television. Ridge is leaning on the counter, enraptured by the news. He shoos Gray away, his eyes unwavering.

"Shut up and let me listen." Ridge is too consumed to care about Gray's request. The bar is close to empty, the few stray stragglers crawling out of the bar in drunken heaps. It's a pathetic sight, but it's what keeps Ridge in business. The only thing breaking the silence is the constant chatter coming from the news anchor on screen. Even Cassie is nowhere to be found. Gray takes a swig of beer in contempt, scrunching her face in disgust.

"This beer tastes god-awful." She coughs, making a dramatic show of pushing it away.

"You're god-awful!" Ridge snaps without averting his eyes from the news. "Besides, it's free beer, and you're underage. Take it or leave it."

"I will take the remote and change the channel," Gray counters. Ridge narrows his eyes at her.

"You do that and no more free beer," Ridge threatens. Gray sighs, facing away from the television and focusing on her reflection in the bar counter. Ridge purses his lips when he sees Gray's adamant objection to his decision. "And what do you possibly have against the news?"

"Not the news..." she trails off. "More like our city's obsession with those, uh, superheroes."

Ridge strokes his beard thoughtfully. "And you have a problem with them?"

"I mean-"

"The way I see it is that we've acquired a problem that our police can't handle," Ridge says. "And it seems the only people able to fight these bad guys are morally sound individuals with the same powers."

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