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You awoke feeling refreshed for once, as you stretched and felt a body beside you. Jack. You smiled as you turned to him and noticed he was still sleeping and snoring softly. Quietly, you got out of bed and got dressed before you went down into the kitchen. You were shocked when you suddenly saw Dark arched over himself, as if in pain or in deep thought. He wasn't looking at you, only at something outside.

"You really should learn to use the front." You said.

"Oh yeah? And you should really learn about who you sleep with!" Snarled Dark.

He suddenly yelled, arching over himself and clenching his stomach.

"What's wrong with you?" You said.

"What's wrong with me? Oh, maybe the fact that I'm slowly deteriorating because you..." His words came to a halt and he simply growled to himself.

It seemed that your plan had worked. You had weakened Dark greatly, and it was only a matter of time before he'd return to the darkness where he belongs.

Dark's eyes lit up and he sharply turned to you, staring intently into your soul.

"You...planned this?" He said lurking towards you.

You began to back away, feeling a wall trap you suddenly. He wiped his mouth and crinkled his face with rage.

"Yes." You said half confidently.

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!" He shouted, slamming his fist into the wall behind you, leaving a huge hole.

You fluttered your eyes before speaking again.

"I don't know Dark, maybe this world isn't meant for you. A dark, cold, soulless demon like yourself, which simply steals the hearts of others so that he can devour them to survive. You're disgusting." You spat.

He grabbed your shirt before dragging you up the wall, holding you high above ground.

"Go on then! DO SOMETHING!" You shouted at him.

"You've gone long enough not knowing my true strength Y/N, now you shall pay the price!" He snarled.

He suddenly gripped your right arm and twisted it with such force that it snapped instantly. You screamed and he let go of you, letting you collapse to the floor. Suddenly a figure jumped on Dark, tackling him for a moment.

It didn't take Dark long to shrug him off and realise who it was.

"YOU!" He said in a vicious demonic tone.

Jack stared at him, standing him off so bravely, but it didn't last long. Dark grabbed his singlet and flung him towards you, sending him crashing into the wall next to you. You heard him grunt as he tried to rise to his feet but Dark had reached him too quickly.

"You fucking touch her again, and I'll break your fucking neck!" Threatened Dark holding Jack by the throat as he tried to get up.

"Oh yeah? Well you can't count on that, asshole! Because I'm not going anywhere." Growled Jack.

Dark didn't hesitate as he grabbed Jack's neck with both hands. You stared in horror, cradling your broken arm.

"No!" You screamed.

Suddenly, Dark was flung away from Jack by another new figure. Dark yelled after he'd crashed into the cupboards, touching his side and viewing his black stained hand. He began to grow pale as he witnessed his greatest fear before him. Antisepticeye.

"You won't touch him, or you'll have to go through me." He snarled, pointing his knife at Dark's throat.

"What the fuck are you doing here?!" Growled Dark, still wincing at his open stab wound.

"Um...hello? Jack is my other half, and the other half that I've sworn to protect, as much as I fuckin hate it." Snarled Anti gazing at Jack.

"Thanks." Said Jack sarcastically.

"Shut up you shitbag!" Said Anti.

Dark suddenly lunged at anti, punching at him and trying to choke him. Anti simply glitched out of his grasp and sliced down his back, sending Dark arching backwards. He then fell to his knees and sat there for a while, giving Anti the chance to help Jack up.

"Get up you piece of shit!" He snarled grabbing Jack by the shirt and pushing him away.

Jack stumbled and then coughed before turning to you and helping you.

"Y/N! We need to call a hospital, I'll call them. Just keep holding your arm." Said Jack pulling out his phone and holding it to his ear.

You noticed that Dark and Anti were back to their fight, throwing each other across the house and smashing each other with nearby objects, as well as their own fists. Anti slashed his knife, but Dark simply used his powers to flick the knife out of his hand, sending it darting into a wall, spearing it clean.

"LEAVE DARK!" Shouted Anti, throwing punches.

"Not until I've done what I must do!" He shouted back trying to find his way to Jack.

"I can't allow you to do that!" Snarled Anti, throwing him into another wall.

The fighting suddenly came to a halt when ambulance sirens and bright flashes came from outside the house.

"This is your fault Dark!" Said Anti before glitching away.

Dark panted before he too disappeared before anyone could see him. Before long three paramedics entered the house and assisted you up onto a bed. Jack staying close beside you at every moment.

You were then pushed into the back of the ambulance. You saw Jack jump in with you and sit beside you, holding your other hand. You felt tears of pain arrive, after the shock had finally faded and you stared at him for a long time, just as he did to you.

For the entire ride you were both asking each other similar questions just by staring at each other. Were you going to be okay? What's going to happen? How long will all of this take? Why is any of this even happening?!

Soon enough you were out of the van and being rushed into the hospital by the three paramedics. You saw Jack jogging beside you grabbing and squeezing your hand before he was stopped by a doctor.

"Sir, everything is going to be fine." You heard the doctor say. He sounded quite familiar, you thought.

You were rushed into a room where you were covered over by a blue sheet of paper and had a bright light shon onto your face. You felt something prick your shoulder before your entire arm went cold and numb. Then you felt the same prick on your neck and you soon began to feel drowsy, quickly entering a sleeping stasis.

So here you were. Back in hospital. For the second time.

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