Chapter 1

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Remus stretched his tight muscles. After sitting for hours through the Order meeting, his body was begging him to. Once he had finished, he felt a hand clap his shoulder causing him to turn to see who it was. Sirius Black grinned up at Remus along with James Potter and Peter Pettigrew behind him. They had all changed so much in so little time.

James was now married with the girl of his dreams. Peter was becoming a lot more independent. Sirius had bought his own flat that he had offered for Remus to move into.

The boy's were surprised to hear from Remus that he had already moved out from his parents home and had a flat of his own now. They all wanted to go see but Remus nervously told them he was still unpacking and would show them when it was ready.

"We were thinking pub, if you're up for it?" Sirius said.

Remus rubbed the back of neck, awkwardly, "I would but-"

"But you're still unpacking?" The three of the four marauder's said causing Remus to look surprised.

"Mate, Padfoot has only been in his flat for a month and has everything organised, what's going on?" James questioned, concerned.

Remus's face began to turn red from the question, "N-Nothing. My mum just keeps sending boxes over and I just don't have the room so the flat is a bit of a mess."

The three boy's didn't look like they believed their friend. He had kept secret's from them in the past and he wasn't very good at reassuring them he didn't. Remus stammered out a quick excuse and left his friends so he could apparate away to his flat.


Meissa sat in front of Muggle box with the non-stop moving pictures - she couldn't remember the name of it - like a child. Her legs crossed and her face very close to the screen. She wore only one of Remus's jumpers and her underwear. Remus had told her she didn't need to dress up for just sitting around the house but apparently walking around naked wasn't okay either.

Meissa heard the door to the flat door open but didn't turn away from the Muggle box.

Remus shed his coat and looked over to his girlfriend to see what she was doing. He couldn't help but feel like he was a father sometimes. She had never interacted with anything from the Muggle world until now so she had a child-like wonder towards everything. Sirius was probably the same but it was such long ago that Remus didn't remember it. Of course, things from Muggle world still excited Sirius but not to the extend of his cousin's.

"Meissa, don't sit so close to the telly." Remus told her.

Meissa finally turned her head away from the television to look at Remus. She smiled at him and got off the floor and made her way over to him. Remus couldn't help but notice her attire, he felt his heart picking up at the sight. She looked very sweet and cute in the large jumper. Also her thighs made him want to take her to the bedroom.

Meissa got onto her tiptoes to kiss Remus's cheek, "Welcome home."

Remus smiled at Meissa's sweet gesture. She started doing because she saw his mother doing it to his father in the short period she lived there. Remus liked it, his parents relationship – in his eyes – was perfection so to have a little of it in his own made him happy.

"How was your meeting?" Meissa asked as she moved to couch.

Remus followed her and plopped down on the couch with a sigh. Meissa moved closer next to him so that she could play with his hair as he spoke.

"It was the same. Everything is terrible, You-Know-Who is getting more followers and here's everyone that's died in the recent week." Remus ranted, exhausted of the routine.

Meissa shoulder drooped. She wished that there would be some good news at the meeting, she always did. She wished she could go also but she imagined she wouldn't be greeted with open arms, neither of them did. Hence why, Meissa had to hide in the flat all day, everyday. Meissa wouldn't tell Remus but she was beginning to lose her mind. Sure, the Muggle box was entertain but she could only watch the people inside for so long. She attempted to do 'house work' but she didn't want to break anything so patted the cushions and called it a day. Sometimes, Meissa felt useless compared to other women. She was used to fighting with wands and memorising terms, not day to day Muggle life. She cursed her previous self for not taking Muggle studies.

"The guys asked me to go to the pub with them, again." Remus complained.

This caught Meissa's attention, "Why don't you go?" She asked, innocently, "Don't you want to see them?"

Remus turned his head to Meissa who was looking at him with those dark eyes that were so common in the Black family. Meissa looked very much like her eldest sister, but had a kinder face and more doe-like eyes. She had short, lustrous dark brown hair that was slightly wavy. She wasn't very tall, well compared Remus anyways, and had fair skin. She had a strong jaw and long lashes. She was the very definition of a dark beauty.

"It's not that I don't want to see them," Remus said as he took one of Meissa's hand in his own, "I just don't like leaving you cooped in here, alone."

Meissa appreciated the thought and it was so Remus, put others before himself. Meissa bit her lip in thought then wrapped her arms around his neck. Remus turned to Meissa just as she kissed him. He cupped her cheek to respond to the kiss. When Meissa pulled away, she smiled softly at him.

"Next time, they ask: go." Meissa said, "No but's, I don't you to become friendless because of me. Besides, if you go, I'll treat you when you come back."

Remus raised his eyebrow, "Treat me? For going out to enjoy myself?"

Meissa started to kiss Remus again and spoke in between kisses, "Treat you – for – listening – to – me."

Meissa and Remus ended up in a passionate kiss after her sentence, Remus slumping back on the couch with his arms wrapped around Meissa and Meissa lying on top of him. When the two finally stopped, Remus had a dazed look.

"Yeah, I think I can do that."

Meissa couldn't help but giggle.


When it reach nine o'clock at night and Remus wasn't home, Meissa assumed that he had taken her advice and then caused her to bite her lip as she chuckled. Meissa decided to go to bed once it hit ten o'clock, assuming that she wouldn't see her boyfriend until the next day.

How wrong she was.

A loud bang at the door caused Meissa to wake up with a fright. She ducked into her bedside table and grabbed her wand. She got her dressing gown and poked her head out of the bedroom like a deer checking danger. She flinched back into the bedroom and at another thud. She swallowed hard as she crept through the room to the front door.

She could hear some giggling as she peaked through the peep hole. She didn't see anything at first, that was until a grey eye popped out of no where in front of the peep hole. Meissa gasped and stumbled back from the door.

"Heeeeellllooooo?" a voice sang, causing another to laugh childishly.

"Would the pair of you keep your voices down?" A familiar voice scolded the other two.

It was Remus.

Nervously, Meissa unlocked the door and opened it slightly only for to be forced open with the weight of one of Remus's friends leaning against it. Meissa jumped back in fright.

Meissa looked up and blinked owlishly at her boyfriend who looked nervously at her. Then her dark eyes went down to the other friend. His hair was a mess and his circular glasses were hanging off his nose. He merely laughed at his friend falling face first.

Meissa wished she had just stayed in bed...

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