Chapter 10 | Daxten

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My arm leans against the window, my hand pressed against my jaw. The door to my suite is closed and I hear some noises outside of it. The faint voices of the other passengers penetrate my tomb. They're asking for champagne and chocolates and the attendants are providing them with everything they want.

      When one of the attendants knocks on my door and asks if he can get me anything, only one thing comes to mind. Brando. I feel his absence more than I want to admit out loud. I miss his voice, his face, his smile. It's strange what a difference a few hours can make. I've gone from not knowing his name to wanting to know everything about him.

      I just want to cure this loneliness. It's sickening.

      I'm about to close the door to my suite after dismissing the attendant when someone stops me from shutting the door.

      'Hey,' Leah says to me as she barges her way into the suite. 'Really nice, amiright? I told them to make sure this one was the best. Looks like they listened to me. How do you like it? Don't you just love it?'

      She's speaking really fast and it's hard for me to keep up. Through my overwhelmed state, I manage to say that 'it's great'. My words lack the enthusiasm that she was looking for.

      'What's wrong? Did they not offer you any champagne?'

      I nod. 'Oh, they did, multiple times. Champagne doesn't solve world problems, you know.'

      'I know,' Leah replies, her voice deflating. 'But it helps to down a glass before we go into taxi. Come on, tell me what's wrong. Has Dad said something?'

      He has, but that's not what's on my mind right now. 'I'm just so... away from it all in here. I don't get to see anyone.'

      'Who would you want to see besides me? I thought you were sick of me by now. Didn't you want your own space?'

      'Space, maybe. I don't know anymore. I thought I did.'

      'Sit down,' she demands as she changes her voice to sound more like our mom. She can't help it. It happens every time she wants to discuss something serious, like when she told me she was pregnant.

      I do as she says, knowing full well not to argue with her.

      'Why the sour face?'


      I honestly don't know how to explain myself. This all feels so weird. It's not normal. Not for me, anyway.

      'I... met someone in the airport after you left.'

      Leah lowers her chin, her eyes cemented on me. 'Really? Is she, or he, on this plane?'

      'Yeah, he is,' I reply. Saying the word 'he' feels strange as I'm sure it is probably strange for her to hear. We're both not used to it.

      'Does he have his own suite too? How exciting!'

      'No, he's sitting at the back of the plane actually.'

      'Oh,' she says a little loudly. 'That surprises me. I didn't think you'd show any interest to anyone beyond the first-class curtain.'

      'Don't think so little of me,' I say defensively.

      'It's hard not to with your track record,' she says. 'I'm happy for you. I am. But, you just met this guy, right? So why are you so mopey. If something is to come from this, then you'll see him once we land.'

      'The strange thing is, I don't want to wait that long.'

      Leah tries to read me but I'm making it hard for her.

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