It sat on a small clearing. It was made of stone, and had walls of glass. There were two glass towers attacked to an elegant stone body.

Hedges and flowers led to it, with beautifully plaid roads in their midst. Beautiful flower gardens occupied the free space, along with a park-like athmospheer of grass, and some tiny (in comparison) trees that offered a shade.

It was an enormous proprety, and so beautiful.

The gates were the only thing separating them from it.

And they were already wide open, and there were elves standing at them.

Eli felt herself tremble as she recognized the elven king and queen. Their guards were a little bit furter away, along with white hunters.

The queen was a beautiful woman, with dark hair and a king smile. The king matched her smile, and his bright ble eyes seemed wise and knowing.

Eli scanned the white hunters behind them, who all had a serious expression on their faces, seeming rather disinterested.

All but a certain purple-eyes hunter, who was looking at Eli with a smile. Rileigh. She returned the smile, and he winked at her, before resuming the bored expression his fellow hunters fashioned.

Everyone present dismounted. Some elves came from the side and took their horses, leading them away by a side road.

The two kings smiled at each other and shook hands, then started laughing.

"Ah, Tuonos, my good friend!" the human king said to king Tuonos of elves.

"It is very pleasant to see you've arrived safely, Arion." the elven king replied with a smile.

Then, he turned towards the rest of the king's companions.

"I see you've brought some fine people along! I'm sure the riders and the hunters have a lot of stories to share. Why don't you come with me for refreshments to the gardens, you and your fine men and women? The hunters can take your riders on a tour of the palace." the king proposed, and Eli felt angry, because the king was simply ridding himself of their presence.

But that anger faded when the tour of the palace was mentioned. It looked like a truly beautiful place.

"Of course we will join! My riders will be of no trouble to you, I am sure the two will get along just fine." the human king, Arion, said, and the nobleman followed the king and the elves. They mingled amongst each other, talking like they were good friends.

The riders and the hunters looked at each other, judging and evaluating. Eli saw Ril look at his fellow hunters, all serious, and grin. There were five young hunters and three more expericend ones. They all looked very young, and distinguishing them was quite difficult.

Ril sighed, and stepped forward.

"Welcome to our humble capital. We're your humble hosts, the White Hunters. We will now show you our humble palace." he said, expecting an answer.

Nobody was stepping forward to match his humour, so Eli did, getting nasty looks from the three old riders in her group, and a mischievous smiled from her friends.

"We are werey humbled to be here, and to meet such humble hosts. We will humbly follow you as you show our humble selves around." she said, and Ril grinned wider, probably glad he didn't get ignored.

"Than, will your humble selves follow our humble selves, so we ca-" he started, but got interrupted by Laon, who cleared his throat and stepped forward, placing ahand on Eli's shoulder as a signal to fall back in line, along with a stern look confirming what he meant.

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