Chat 13: Animals

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GabrielSama created the group.

GabrieSama added RaphyChan, Satanyan and Vigne to the group.

GabrielSama: I've been thinking..

Vigne: Hm?

GabrielSama: What animals would represent us?

Satanyan: I'd be a bat! I lurk in the night, Scaring people and letting them know I'm the boss!

Vigne: No, I think Gabriel would be the bat. Sleeps in the morning, Awake at night.

GabrielSama: Hey!

RaphyChan: Hm.. Vigne would probably be a bunny. Soft and fluffy.

Vigne: Wait what-

Satanyan: Gabriel would be a duck.

Satanyan: Cuz she has feathery wings.

RaphyChan: Then wouldn't I be a duck too?

GabrielSama: No, You'd be a cow.

GabrielSama: thicc .

Vigne: What's a thicc.

GabrielSama: A cow.

Satanyan: Then what am I supposed to be?

GabrielSama: A fish.

Satanyan: What- Why?

GabrielSama: Cuz fishes.

Satanyan: wHat-

GabrielSama: yes.


Author's Annoying Note:

This was completely random but I just thought about what animals they would actually represent so I wrote it here XD What do you guys think?

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