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No One's P.O.V
It was about 1:45 Am, Shuichi Saihara was fast asleep in his Flat that he shared with his FlatMate, Kokichi Ouma. It had been a LONG day, and Saihara we looking foward to sleeping late the next morning, but something Wasn't Right. The Door To Saihara's Door Creaked, causing Saihara to open one of his eyes and look over to it, Not Making a sound. A Figure Appeared In The Door Way, Their Short Stature A Dead Give away at their Identity, It was His FlatMate, Kokichi Ouma. Saihara Perked Up A Bit, ".....Ouma.....?" He called out, Still Half Asleep. Ouma made his way Over to the Bed, "Um.....Saihara-Chan.....Can I Sleep With You Tonight......Please...?" Saihara looked up at Him, both his eyes open, Had Ouma just Asked to Sleep with him....and Said Please??? That was very Unlike him, saihara let out a sigh before moving over in bed, making room for the Purple Haired Boy. Ouma sat Layed Down next to Saihara Curling up next to him. Saihara looked over the Boy, his skin Seemed Wet and Clammy, his Breathing Labored as he Lay Very Still. "Um....Ouma.....Did You Have A NightMare....?" Saihara asked a tone of Concern in his Voice. Ouma Tensed a bit before Speaking up "A...NightMare...? Y-you think a Supreme Leader l-like me would have such a t-thing...?" His voice was a bit Horse, saihara knew he was lieing.....but he didn't want to make him feel bad. Saihara wrapped his arm over Ouma Protectivly, pulling him close "Don't Worry Ouma......Ill protect you......I promise..." saiharasaid before the Two boys fell asleep smiling.

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