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A Prince's Errand is the first chronological installment of mine and my father's epic fantasy series, Tales of the Amulet. It is my fifth novel. There were four other novels and five short-stories published in this series, but they all take place after the events of this book. Those publications are currently not available. They will, however, be re-released with improvements after A Prince's Errand is released commercially. The story behind A Prince's Errand has been stewing in my mind since writing The Mages Agenda (the third published novel of Tales of the Amulet). It's a long story of how this novel came to be, but you can read more at www.LegendsofKalda.com

This is currently a "work in progress", and is not the final edition that will be published.  This version of A Prince's Errand is a "raw" edition, it doesn't include any changes made by my editor. There probably won't be many changes to the story, but there will be a lot of polishing to the grammar, sentence structure, etc.I'll eventually be posting chapters as I finish them. I'm using Wattpad as a means to get some feedback from my beta-readers and people like you who are reading my works for the first time.

Suggestions are welcomed, but by offering feedback you waive all rights to those suggestions and waive all rights to compensation for your help.  I love hearing from my readers and receiving feedback.  It is extremely beneficial.  That's why I've decided to post these chapters as I write them.

For more information, you can follow me on Facebook at under the username: robert.zangari I can't post links to Facebook inside this file, but you can easily find me under that username. You can also visit our website to keep up to date on the current progress of the upcoming novels and short-stories for the series: www.LegendsofKalda.com.  Also, subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on all our future publications: LegendsofKalda.com/tlb.html

A Prince's Errand will eventually be released in eBook, paperback, hardcover, and audio book.  We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign sometime in late 2018/early 2019 to help fund those publications.  Anyone who subscribes to our mailing list and backs the project will receive a free short-story once the project is funded.

Thank you for looking at A Prince's Errand, I hope you enjoy it!

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