Chapter 35

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3 months
"I'm pregnant, it's a girl" i say, everyone started to cheer and congratulating us and my mom gave me a hug. We had organized a dinner with both of our families. I'm 3 months pregnant already but we wanted to keep it a secret as we didn't want it to come out to the fans yet. I was showing already so we thought it was a good idea to tell.

"Perrie I'm so happy for you" Caitlin said hugging me. "I love you" I said. "Pez come here" mark said. I was quite surprised, he never really hugged me. I laughed and gave him a hug. "I'm so happy for you!" Wendy said. "Thank you mom" Alex said. We had dinner with the whole family, our friends weren't here as we already told them. "So perrie how did you tell Alex" Wendy asked. Alex choked on his drink. I looked at Alex, "Well" I said. He laughed. "I put the test in a present box and gave it to him" I said. She smiled. "And how did he react?" Caitlin asked. "Well I filmed a bit, but I promised not to show" I said laughing.

5 months
"Hey pez can you pleaaaasseeee show is the video of Alex" Leigh-Anne wined. "Alright" I said opening my phone. Alex was at training and I asked the girls to come over. I gave them my phone and walked out to kitchen. I heard them yell and scream.

I walked back into the living room. "You little minx!" Jesy yelled. Then it hit me, I didn't cut the video. Everting stood on there. "No, no, no" I said rushing over. I looked at the video. "Can you see everything?!" I said. "Yes you can see everything. From Alex crying to ripping shirts off each other" jade said. "We didn't rip shirts off!" I yelled. "Oh yeah you did, reel back" leigh-Anne said. "No one says a word about this! Like ever Alright!" I said. "Of course not pez" jesy said. "Yeah we won't tell him" jade said.

The door opened, "Hey beautiful" Alex said giving me a kiss. "Hey" I said. "Who won't you tell something?" He asked looking at jade, wrapping his arm around my waist. I looked at her and widened my eyes a bit. "Well" she started "that is none of you're business" she said. He looked at her. "Okay, Perrie?" He looked at me. "Okay! But shut you're mouth!" Jesy suddenly said. "I'm planning something special for me and Harry's anniversary" she said. "Oh okay I won't tell" He said. I smiled at him.

7 months
I was walking at the park with hatchi, Ottis and Leo. Perrie was now 7 months pregnant and I couldn't be more excited. I heard someone call my name. There was a little girl running towards me. "Are you Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain?!" She said. "The footballer from Liverpool?" I laughed "Yes I am, and who are you?" I asked. "I am Mackenzie" she said. "What a beautiful name Mackenzie" I said. "Thank you, look!" She opened her jacket and showed me her Liverpool kit. She turned around and it showed my name. "Hey look it's my name!" I said. She laughed "yeah it is" "are you here alone?" I asked as I didn't saw any parents. "No my parents are over there" she said. "Well you better go back to them before they get worried" I said. "Okay bye!" She said happily. "Wait!" I turned around. "Can I get a hug?" She asked. "Yes of course!" I said. I bent down and gave her a hug.

She ran off again. I laughed Mackenzie that's a beautiful name I thought to myself.

9 months
I woke up from Perrie calling my name. "Are you Okay?" I asked "I think my water broke" she said. Oh god I thought. "Okay Don't worry we're gonna go to the hospital Okay?" I said getting up as fast as I could.

I drove to the hospital and helped Perrie our the car. We had called the hospital already so they knew we were coming. I walked in the hospital and a couple of nurses came to help us.

"Is there anything I have to do for you now?" I asked Perrie. "Can you please call my mom and the girls?" She asked. "Yes of course" I kissed her head and walked outside the room. "Hello?" I heard Debbie say. "Hey Debbie it's Alex" I said. "Hello Alex how are you?" She asked. "Well I'm good I'm going to be a father but perrie against it, she got it a little harder then me" I said. "Oh my baby which hospital are you? I will be right there" she said.

"Alex!" Were is my girl?" Jesy yelled in the hallway. "Well first its my girl, she is about to have my baby" I said. "Oh mister sarcastic is back huh? I hope you're daughter won't be like that" jesy said. I laughed "She's in there"

The other girls were already here, "pez how are you?" Jesy asked. "I'm about to push a baby out of me so I would say not so good" Perrie said. "Okay Perrie I think it's time to push, would you mind giving us some space?" The ness asked. "Yes of course" we all said. I walked to Perrie and grabbed her hand. "Alex?" She croaked out. "Yes Love?" "I'm scared" she said. I leaned down. "I'm here, there is nothing to worry about." I kissed her hand.

I was nervous as hell myself, I'm gonna be a father and although I'm pretty excited for it. I'm scared I will be a bad father, I want to be protective but not too overprotective. It's a girl so I don't know about the football, but I will just make her. I hope she looks just like Perrie, that will be amazing. Perrie's grip on my hand tightened. Here we go.

"There She is" the nurse said. She walked over with the baby and laid it down carefully on Perrie. "Hey there little one" Perrie said. "Oh look Perrie, she has my brown eyes" I said. Perrie laughed "yeah she does" "so what should we call her?" The nurse asked. "Well we haven't figured out the name yet" Perrie said. She looked at me "Do you know a name?" She asked. "Mackenzie" I said. "That's beautiful" she said. I smiled "Mackenzie Aurora Oxlade-Chamberlain" I said. Perrie has a big smile on her face. She nodded "Disney princess" she said "yeah cause she is a princess" I said. Perrie smiled. I looked at Perrie and perrie looked at me, suddenly we heard little cries. I looked at Mackenzie. "Well looks like she's totally healthy" the nurse said "congratulations, I will get the rest" "Yes thank you" I said.

Everyone walked in my parents and perrie's dad, brother and sister were here now too. "Everyone meet Mackenzie Aurora Oxlade-Chamberlain" Perrie smiled. Jade gasped excited "OH my god the Disney princess" we all laughed. We were a real family now I thought to myself.

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