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"Shit, shit!" Jin was racing down to the cafe, hoping he would be there before his boss, namjoon.

"Ow! Watch where- Seokjin?"

"Oh hello..." Jin awkwardly waved then bowed his head, hoping namjoon won't get angry with him.

"Are you going to walk or not?" Namjoon laughed and patted his back "I'll let you off this time because I'm in a good mood today." The younger was continously smiling throughout their awkward walk to the he cafe.

"You can call me Jin if you want." Jin relaxed a bit seeing how comfortable it is to be with namjoon.

"Jin? Okay then."

"So why are you in such a good mood today?" Jin asked the smiling younger.

"I'm just happy I have new employees otherwise this cafe might shut down soon." Namjoon's eyes met with jin and they smiled at eachother uncomfortably.

"oh well that's good then..."The air around them became thin but jin decided to loosen the tension between them. "wanna hear a joke?"

Namjoon looked at Jin's direction and signalled him to continue. "so a good baker will rise to the occasion it's the YEAST he could do" The older cracked up with laughter but namjoon was just laughing at his stupidity.

"That was one for the worst jokes I've ever heard I swear" Namjoon gave jin a round of applause and jin was bowing to his 'audience'.

At least jin made him laugh

"Are there any other employees?" Jin questioned as he took his phone out to check his messages.

"Yeah there's one other guy but he doesn't like talking to people" Namjoon shrugged knowing yoongi was gonna be hard to boss around with.

"Well there goes my list for friends..." Jin mumbled quietly but namjoon's sensitive ears could catch what he said.

"Don't worry, he'll be used to you besides you're the hyung, he respects them...I think?" The younger patted Jin's back which made him feel better.

They both laugh and enter the cafe.


"I dibs on putting the food out!"

"It's not dibs, I'm the boss." Namjoon crossed his arms and tried to act like a big boss.

"What? Dibs is dibs! Dibs is the one thing that you can take control over, dibs is the thing that you can claim something. Dibs can do anything, you can beat your friends with anything, saying dibs can do the impossible." The older dramatically put his hand on his heart.

"Are you done?" Namjoon was sitting on a chair with his eyes nearly closed.


"Fine...you can put the food out"

"I was going to anyway!"The older ran towards the kitchen and grabbed all the doughnuts with his bare hands.

"Wait stop! You're supposed to have gloves on, now there's germs" Namjoon panicked but shrugged his shoulders afterwards. "Eh it's okay, no one will know."

"Whoopsies...it's fine they still taste the same at least."


"There was this giant mochi in the way and I couldn't help but eat it." Yoongi sighed as he remembered that mochi. "There was also another mochi, but it was too late, mochi ran away from me and won't talk to me..."

"That's your excuse for being two freaking hours late?!" Namjoon ruffled his hair but he still didn't want to fire his best friend. "No wonder they fired you from your previous job."

Yoongi rolled his eyes, ignoring the rude comment namjoon made and put his apron on. "Hey! Why do I get the flowery one?"

"Punishment for being late. And why do I feel that the second mochi was pointed out to jim-"

"Shut up, fool!" Yoongi put his hand on namjoon's mouth and and gave him the death glare.

"Whatever, just get back to work."

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