Temptation is Killing Me (Beyoncè & Kelly) Part 5

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Beyoncé's POV

I slick felt like one of those annoying, spoiled kids in the movies who cusses out their mother after an argument before locking themselves in their room. But this wasn't a movie and I wasn't a kid. This was my reality and I hated that ever since I became famous I was losing more and more control of my life.

To top it off, Kelly had just decided out of nowhere that she wanted to fly to Atlanta. Every time I felt like we were making progress, she'd do something to set us 10 steps back. Like damn, what could have possibly changed from last night to this morning?

I was so pissed off I started crying.

Then there was someone at my door but I ignored them.

"Beyoncé, it's me," a soft-voiced Kelly said.

A part of me wanted to keep her ass right out there. But I couldn't deny the bigger part of me was glad she came after me. So I wiped my tears and opened the door. Kelly immediately frowned in pity when she saw me.

"Aw Bey-Bey," she started.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" I interjected before she could say anything more.

"Yes," she said, looking into my eyes. "Here, with you."

I didn't know what to say to that so I just got back on my bed and sighed. I heard the door close and soon felt Kelly's weight dip into the bed. "Look at me," she softly requested.

I reluctantly obeyed, shifting my body towards her so we were facing each other. She smiled softly at me and I wanted to just inhale her calmness and put it in a bottle.

"You know your parents love you," she said. "They just want what's best for you. What they think is best for you."

"I didn't know I'd have to go through all this drama just to sing," I vented. That was the first time I'd expressed myself in that way. I didn't like to complain, especially when I knew I was blessed and grateful to be living out my dream. But I didn't know it'd be all of this.

Kelly nodded. I know she knew exactly what I meant. "Yeah, I know, it really ain't just about the music," she said wistfully.

After a beat, I decided to bring up Atlanta. "Why did you all of a sudden decide to go?"

"I had already been thinking about going, Beyoncé. I just never said anything."

"But what was the motivation? I know it's not just 'cause you miss your mom."

"Sometimes I just need a break, from all this madness. I'm sure you know how it is."

"Yeah, I do know. But are you sure it wasn't because of Shawn?"

She got quiet.

"Kelly. Please talk to me. I wanna understand." She had me practically begging and I beg no one.

To my surprise, she started crying. But then again, was it really all that surprising? Today had been fucked up and it wasn't even lunch time yet.

"Kelly, what's wrong? What happened?" I moved closer and wiped her tears off her beautiful skin. I wanted to hold her of course but I needed to see what was going on here first.

"I'm sorry," she apologized. "I'm sorry for crying like this, I didn't want to...." She started sniffling.

I fetched a bunch of tissues from one of my drawers and then began wiping her face delicately.

"It's something your mom said...." she admitted through her crying. She tried to collect herself as I rubbed her back up and down.

"What did she say?"

"She doesn't want us together, which I can understand...but I feel like I'm not good enough..."

Saying that last part out loud made her all the more emotional.

"Gosh, I hate this," she complained and I knew she was talking about crying.

"Kelly," I said firmly.

Her watery eyes looked back at me.

"I love my mother to death, but how she feels about us is irrelevant. You hear me?"

She sniffled and nodded over and over, trying to convince herself. I wrapped her up in my arms, rocking her, while shaking my head in thought at my mother. I couldn't help but cry again.

"I'm sorry Beyoncé, I didn't mean to make you cry, too," Kelly said, wiping my eyes.

"When you hurt, I hurt."

She smiled sadly and kissed my forehead. "I just wanted her approval."

"You don't need it. All you need to worry 'bout is how we feel. She'll come around anyways."

Kelly didn't look convinced.

"How would your mom feel about me? Us?" I questioned.

She looked down in thought. "I don't know. I mean, she likes you..."

"If you still decide to go see her, I'll come with you."

"You will?" she looked stunned.

I nodded. "It's been a while since I seen her anyway. Yeah, let's do it." I smiled.

"When? Don't you have to see Shawn?"

"That can wait. I'm not worried about that."

Kelly suddenly took my hands. She was all smiling again. I couldn't help but chuckle at her enthusiasm. But more than anything I was just glad to see her like this again.

"You good now?" I smiled widely.

She playfully wrestled me to the bed and raspberry kissed the crook of my neck, making me laugh. I locked my legs around her body, keeping her there, straddling me.

I could tell she was blushing and enjoying the position.

"Ride me," I said.

"You are such a freak," she replied, but pushed her hips down into mine. Then she looked horrified. "Your parents are still here!" she whisper-yelled.

"Quiet then," I smirked and squeezed her ass cheek.

She looked conflicted, causing me to laugh.

"Ugh, I want to, I really do, but it won't feel right....mm-mm...." she shook her head, wrinkling her nose. "I can't do this with them here. Not for our first time, Bey. Come on." She tilted her head eyeing me seriously.

Kelly had a point. I wanted her to be as loud as she needed.

"Fine," I sighed. "Might as well book our fights."

She pecked my lips cheerfully and got up, opening my laptop on my desk.

Maybe, just maybe, I'd get some pussy in Atlanta.

But on the real, I was looking forward to us visiting her mom. This was what we needed, a little getaway and Kelly needed to see her mother.

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