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"Relax Suman. Everything will be perfect. Deep breaths. It's not like you haven't attended meetings before." Anuj tried to calm an anxious Suman.

"I know Bhaiya. It's just that I haven't done this for some time now and this meeting is important. I don't want to mess it up."

"Since when did you begin messing meetings up?" Pushkar asked. "I believe that is my forte woman." He joked causing her to chuckle a little.

Anuj threw him a thankful look. Taking Suman's hands in his he spoke, "You will do well. Let this be a new beginning for you."

She nodded in affirmation.

"I'm so proud of you Chotti." He told her dropping a kiss on her forehead.


"So how did it go?" Shravan asked Suman when she and Anuj returned from the meeting.

"Better than I had expected." Suman grinned.

"Good." He replied with a matching smile.

"Shravan, Pushkar they would like it if our family accompanies us for the dinner tonight." Anuj began. "But if you people are busy with the case, I will......"

"No. We'll come. As it is Bhaiya is worrying too much about the case. A little break will do him good." Pushkar interjected.

"I guess you are right Pushkar. We will come."


Shravan was going to head up to his room to dress up for the dinner when he heard Suman calling for Aisha and Preeti. He looked around but nobody was in sight. They were probably dressing up.

He knocked on her door to see what she wanted.

A minute later the door opened and Suman's head poked out.

"Shravan tum?" She asked surprised.

"Woh I heard you call out for Preeti and Bhabhi but no one's around so..."


"Did you need something? Can I help you?"

"Actually" She opened the door wide and allowed him in. "I can't decide what to wear." She pouted pointing to the three dresses sprawled on her bed. The strapless knee length beige sundress seemed a bit to casual for the occasion; the baby pink cocktail dress seemed a bit too gaudy but he found the off shoulder black evening gown perfect.

He pointed that one to her and she quickly thanked him before telling him to get dressed himself.

"I'll take five minutes Sumo."

"As if that's gonna happen." She scoffed. "Given your obsession with your hair."


"This my wife Aisha, my sister Preeti and her fiancé Pushkar and Pushkar's brother Shravan. And of course you people met Suman this afternoon itself." Anuj introduced them to his business associates as they politely shook hands with each one of them.

Conversation flowed through dinner and while the men inquired about Shravan's law firm and his work; Suman and Preeti easily gelled in with their wives and daughters.

"See, now that wasn't that bad, was it?" Anuj asked Suman when they left.

Suman shook her head in response.

"You were worrying for no reason." He gently reprimanded to which he got a sheepish smile in response.

"You should come to such meetings more often."

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