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you were in your room, groaning in annoyance every five seconds, it's basically saturday which means you're just going to lazy around, but your mom just told you to pack your things. all the important ones, this also gave you a chance to separate the things that aren't so.. good anymore.

once you're done on the two— or three bags, you gave all your strength and pushed the heavy ass bags towards the wall, just beside the door.

you finally sighed in relief and flopped yourself on your bed, and just let the sleep take over your tired body.


seokjin: Oh you're here!

mr. Kim greeted you and your mother, and let you both in your new home, which is the kim's house. you returned the gesture. Seokjin yelled to call jungkook, once he's down, you were about to greet him, but then your eyes tralled down to his torso that is covered with a white shirt but is soaked with his sweat.

seokjin scolded him and made him change. Seokjin turned to you, and noticed your face. the corner of his lip tugged up as he saw your blushing face.

After a few hours, you got bored and asked you mom.

you: Is there anything to do?

mom: Yes.

you: What is it?

mom: Go to shower. You stink.

seokjin: Go shower in Jungkook's room.

you: Why in his room though?

seokjin: so you both will have a siblings time— well technically you both ain't siblings, but you could use the time after you shower and talk with him.

They both shooed you away.

As you were walking, you saw some of his photos when he was a kid, and until he grow up.

'He looks so cute.' You thought.

Once looked at the hallway.. you face palmed yourself mentally, and sighed.

you're so dumb.

You don't know where is his room. You opened each doors and look at inside.

But then this one room that has a lot pictures of Jungkook, that you assumed is his room. So you entered it, you saw no one in the room.

But you can hear water running, so you assumed Jungkook is in the bathroom.

Just when you're about to lay in his bed, because you're just sitting on it, and you grew tired.

The door opened.

You: Ju—

You're eyes widened as you stare at his torso.

His muscular torso, and his abs. You're actually drooling at the sight in front of you.

Droplets of water rolling in his skin, and disappearing at the loosely tied towel hanging on his hips.

Jungkook: Like what you see?

[Ik it's so cliché, but who doesn't love clichés?]

You blinked your eyes, going back to reality.

You: Ye- uh wait what?

You diverted your eyes, and looked at his face, but you saw how he ruffles his hair. You just looked away and stand up. But was stopped when you were pushed back on the bed. You gasps loudly, but Jungkook covered your mouth gently.

Jungkook: You don't want them to hear you, right?

you want to lick his freaking palm, yet wouldn't that be inappropriate if you both just met? but then he changed from a freaking cute lil bunny to a cocky hot fuckboy. bOi were you ready to slap the shit out of him.

yes, were.

because jungoo—



idk the date.


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