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The next morning, I woke up and jumped in the shower, once I got out I curled my short hair and got dressed into.

I ran downstairs, grabbed my daily apple to keep the doctor away and grabbed my board intending on using that to get to school

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I ran downstairs, grabbed my daily apple to keep the doctor away and grabbed my board intending on using that to get to school.

I opened my door and almost died at what I saw, Jasper leaning against a Harley Davidson.

"You really thought I would let you ride that death trap to school?" Jasper asked, his head motioning towards your board.

"My death trap? That's a motorcycle!" I stated sarcastically, I walked over grabbing the dark green helmet he handed me.

"Well I'm very expienced on this deathtrap doll." Jasper retorted kissing me on the cheek, we got the helmets on, and he motioned me to hop on. Behind him.

I got on, and wrapped my arms around his waist, clenching them when he went fast, which caused him to chuckled.

He pulled into the school, parking the bike right next to Rosalie's red convertible.

It felt like the whole school was staring at us, smirking Jasper slung his arm over my shoulders.

"Don't worry about them darlin." Jasper whispered in my ear, before kissing my cheek.

We walked to first period together, instead his arm being over my shoulders, our hands were laced.

Walking in the second the bell rang, we walked to the back of the class, our seats being closer together than any of the other school days, being that my head was rested on his shoulder for practically the whole period.

For around the whole period the Jessica girl who sat in front of me and Jasper was constantly turning around and glaring at me, which occasionally made Jasper's grip on my waist tighten.

Then the bell rang, announcing the class was over, I got up and started to walk towards the door with Jasper following behind me.

What I didn't notice was a foot stuck out from there seat, nearly causing me to trip if it wasn't for Jasper grabbing my waist just before I went tumbling, looking up I saw Jess with an angry expression.

"What the hell is your problem?" I nearly shouted at her, getting in her face.

"Oh I don't know, maybe that you're just a whore." Jessica sneered at me.

"No one fucking cares for your opinion!" I shouted getting in her face, before I felt calmness come over me, as Jasper started pulling me out of the room.

"Hey calm down, if she wants to be jealous let her." Jasper stated quietly to me as we were rested in the spot next to the chem room where Jess still was.

"She is such a bitch, I don't know what her problem is." I responded, taking deep breaths to calm my anger, still confused on how my emotions changed back there so quickly.

"Well than let's give the bitch a show." Jasper stated with a smirk, before he lent in and caught my lips in his, his hands sliding down to pull my hips to his once again, Jess eventually walked out, but we didn't stop and it got heated quickly.

Eventually the bell rang announcing we were now late for our second  period, causing me to break the mini makeout session.

"We have class, Jazz." I stated trying to break away while he kept pecking my lips.

"Jazz?" He questioned looking down at me with a sly smile.

"You get to call me darlin, ma'am and anything else. I think I can call you Jazz." I responded, my arms wrapped around his waist.

"Okay darlin, go to your next class." Jasper exclaimed, kissing my cheek before walking away.

Once I got to gym, I got a late slip and got to playing ultimate Frisbee, during the process I got hit in the eye with a frisbee giving me a large redmark under my left eye.

The bell rang, and I walked out with a large icepack over my eye. I walked into third period and sat next to Jasper.

"Who did this?" Jasper demanded as he examined my eye.

"Some girl in gym, don't worry though it was accident." I told Jasper, trying to make him calm down.

"Does it hurt?" He questioned his focus now on my pain.

"A little but I'll be okay." I answered looking down, tired.

To that response Jasper pulled my desk so both of our desks were touching, he took off his jacket laying it over me as we both started reading from his book.

In the middle of the period, I noticed he was playing with my necklace as his arm was over my shoulders, it was a locket of me and my mom.

"Is this your mom?" Jasper questioned while whispering as the whole class was quiet.

"Yeah" I nodded, continuing reading from Jasper's book.

"You look like her." He stated smiling, a smile broke out on my face it makes me happy to know I have little parts of her with me.

"Thanks Jazz." I responded, as the bell rang, and we started to leave the class.

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