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3rd pov
Pyrrha put on her gear and weapons on then started to head towards the arena.
Once she got in the arena,she started to fight with team crdl and no matter how hard they tried they could not hit her and they were soon beaten to the ground.

Glynda:and that's the match

Cardin groans.

Cardin:lucky shot

Then he fell down and passed out.

Glynda:nice work nikos. You should have no problem qualifying for the tournament

Pyrrha:thank you professor

Y/n was standing up with a sign that said "way to go pyrrha!" While Eleanor shouted.

Eleanor:way to go Pyrrha!

Pyrrha:aw~ thanks sweetie

Glynda:alright,now I know that's a tough act to follow but we have time for one more sparring match. Any volunteers?

Glynda looks a Blake.

Glynda:ms belladonna? You been rather docile for the past few classes. Why don't you-

A kid raises his hands

???:I'll do it

Glynda:mercury is it? Very well,let's find you an opponent

Mercury:actually,I wanna fight...

Mercury was looking at pyrrha.

Mercury:I will fight-

Eleanor:us! He will fight me and Mr bubbles!

Glynda:are you sure Eleanor? You could get hurt

Eleanor:I'm sure miss Goodwitch

Glynda sighs

Glynda:very well Eleanor. Please step right up to the arena

Eleanor and y/n get up before Eleanor grabs y/n's hand and start dragging him to the arena.

Eleanor:come on Mr bubbles! We need to go!

They finally reached the arena as mercury got on too across from them.

Glynda:Now for the sake of your safety Eleanor,you need a weapon

Eleanor:but how do I get a weapon?

Ruby:I can make you one!

Glynda:Are you sure miss rose?

Ruby furiously nods with a look of excitement.

Glynda:very well. But I must make sure your work is safe and useable for miss Eleanor and you Mr delta,stay here until I have returned with your daughter

Eleanor:bye Mr bubbles!

With that Glynda,ruby and Eleanor leave. Leaving only mercury and y/n alone.
Y/n was starring at mercury with mercury looking back at him.

Mercury:what are you looking at?

Y/n said nothing and continued to stare until Glynda,ruby and Eleanor finally came back and Eleanor ran up to y/n.

Eleanor:Mr bubbles! Look what I have!

She shows him the weapons she got from rwby.

She shows him the weapons she got from rwby

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