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Emani POV

I rolled over on the most uncomfortable mattress ever. The smell of stale cigarettes burned my nose and I swear at times I almost gagged. This motel was only $55/night so believe me I'm not complaining. After multiple flips around this mattress I finally got up and walked over to my suitcase and searched threw it until I found my laptop and the charger. With all this craziness I had completely forgotten about my paper that I had due next week for Psychology. Once the computer finally powered on I started my research and began writing my paper on narcissism. What a coincidence, Huh?

Bang. BANG. Bang

I quickly jumped out of my sleep and fell out of the chair that I guess I had fallen asleep in. The knocking on the door continued. I quickly got on my feet and opened the door. There was a maid who look Highly irritated giving me a death stare.

"Ma'am you were supposed to check out two hours ago." She grumbled.

"Omg umm lemme get dressed and I'll be out your way."

I quickly around around the room grabbing all my things and stuffing them into the suitcase and grabbed the grey jogging suit I has left out the night before and rushed into the bathroom. I quickly took a bird bath and brushed my teeth. After I was fully dressed I threw my hair into a bun and grabbed my things. I walked out the bathroom and the maid was making the bed.

I placed the rest of my things in the bag and grabbed my phone and purse and quickly left out the room without another word.

I rushed into my car and locked the doors. I placed my head against the steering wheel and prayed. Prayed for a better life. Prayed for strength. Prayed for guidance.

I started my car and drove to my school campus.

I parked in the student library parking lot and grabbed my textbooks out the backseat.

I walked into the building and sat at a table. There where about 20 people just standing around looking through the bookshelves.

I opened one of my books and started reading over a chapter that one of my professors had assigned when somebody sat down infront of me.

I looked up and saw a nice tan blue eyed young man.

"You have professor Kennedy?"


"Maybe we can be study buddies my GPA has took a swan dive since I've had her," he said with a worried smirk.

"Um sure. Im Emani."

"Kegan." He said grabbing my hand and kissing it.

I blushed and kind of turned my head away from him.

"Here's my number."

He opened his notebook and jotted it down and tore the little piece of paper and handed it to me.

"See you soon." He winked and walked away.

I smiled and looked down at the number . Okay Kegan I see you .

 Okay Kegan I see you

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Kegan ^

Ok yall please forgive me I know I haven't written in a long time but so much has changed.


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