For You

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You won't understand this Livy, but we did it for you.

What was that supposed to mean? You did what for me exactly?

How was that going to help me come to terms with the fact that my parents were considered 'dead' yet their bodies were nowhere to be found?

It was stupid.

You won't understand this. Why did they waste ink by stating the obvious rather than explaining what it was that I wouldn't understand?

I had so many questions, only the two people who could give me the answers I needed were gone. Dead. Disappeared. Whatever you wanted to call it, the ending was the same.

I was homeless and they'd chosen my guardian to be some woman I'd never met in my life. She was apparently my Godmother which was normal I guess, except for the very confusing fact that I'd never known I even had a Godmother. It seemed to be one of the many things I'd never known about my own life up until four months ago.

And to make things worse; the only thing they'd left for me was a train ticket to my guardian's hometown as if they knew that they would be dead sometime within the next year, which was how long the ticket was valid for.

Oh, and also this extremely enlightening letter.

The one that made absolutely no sense to me. The one I'd been handed by my dad's assistant after announcing very sensitively that I'd gone from being a relatively happy seventeen year old to an orphan in the space of three hours. Of everything I'd miss about my old life, Graham Nelson would not be one of them.

The company really should've asked anyone but him to tell me that my parents had been in the boat crash in Peru I'd seen on the news. For one, he hadn't even given me a moment to process that information before announcing that I couldn't stay in my dad's office because they were already clearing it out.

He hadn't deserved the earful I'd given him though. That had been a little harsh even if I was grieving. It was unfair to feel such resentment for the position I was in yet it was the only emotion I could deal with since the past three months had been the toughest of my life. My therapist had helped me shift my grief into motivation to remain busy.

We love you very much and we hope you remain positive and optimistic that things will work out.

Geez mom, even in a goodbye letter you're trying to encourage me to be happy but how could I be? That part of the letter made me consider the possibility that they had known that they'd 'die'.

I was starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist. I really needed to stop or it would drive me crazy, I'd just watched too many thriller movies. The Pacific Ocean was huge so the chances of everybody being found was probably one in a million. I had to let it go and accept that this was my life now.

A tiny suitcase of clothes and very few personal items stuffed into a couple more bags was all I had to show for myself. They currently rattled above my head in the luggage storage whilst I re-read the letter hoping my parents had somehow inserted a secret message in it that would explain things.

A strong cool breeze hit me as a new wave of passengers boarded the train at the next stop, I gripped the letter harder with my fingers which ended up crippling the paper so I just decided to fold it up and tuck it back into my notebook.

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