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It was around 9 o'clock when Jasper and I got out of our cuddling position, trying to keep my dad from seeing us.

For a few moments before leaving Jasper looked down at me scared, or nervous about something he had to tell me.

"Hey darlin? Do you believe in soulmates?" Jasper looked down at me as he lent against the door.

"I guess I've never really thought about it." I stated, looking at our interlaced hands.

"Well I feel like I pull to you." Jasper responded, before grabbing my waist and pulling me close to him.

"I feel it too." I whispered my hands on his chest.

"Well it makes me feel like I need to protect you, like you're the only thing that matters." Jasper stated, looking down at me, his hands tightening around my waist.

"I guess it makes me feel like I would do anything for you... what are we now?" I asked, as he looked down at me with a smirk.

"Well, Clove Robertson would you do me the great honor of being mine?" Jasper asked his lips ghosting over mine.

"I would love to" I whsipered, and he responded by roughly kissing me, his hands finding their way to my hips pulling me into him.

"Clove I'm home!" My dad yelled walking into the kitchen seeing Jasper and I.

"Okay, this is not my business." My dad dragged off before walking away.

Out foreheads connected we both chuckled, I pecked his lips one more time.

"Go, Emmet's probably wondering where the hell his car is." I stated, pushing him out the door.

I walked into the living room after Jasper left, and saw my dad on the sofa.

"Soo who was that?" Dad questioned with a knowing smile, as he ate popcorn.

"He's just a friend, dad." I answered, shaking my head with a smile.

"Sure, because friends say goodbye like that." My dad called out as he rolled his eyes.

"Okay, okay maybe were something more." I caved with a smile, as I fiddled with my hands.

"Be careful, I know I'm a guy but guys can be assholes." Dad stated not breaking eye contact with me.

"He's different, but I will be careful either way." I agreed to give him a rest.

"I'm going to bed." I continued as I made my way up the stairs.

I entered my room and fell back on the bed, just staring at the ceiling. Jasper Hale was my boyfriend, wow it felt weird.

He was my first boyfriend, he was my first kiss my lips felt numb, I fell asleep in the bed thinking what would happen tommorow.

(A/n- like in the books Jasper's vehicle will be his Harley Davidson motorcycle)

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