Part 2~You're Late!!!

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I had just dropped off Annabeth at the Cafe. I got into my car and started driving when I saw a hellhound chasing my car. I really didn't want to fight right now but I had to, so I parked my car near a mall that was near an ally way. I lead the hellhound to an ally way. Once the hellhound was far from anyone I started attacking. 

I swung my sword near the hell hound's head but the hellhound dodged it and tried to jump on me. That was the hellhounds mistake. While it was in the air I hit him in the chest. Gold dust came down on me. As I was brushing of all the dust I looked at my watch and it said 9:30! I was supposed to be there at 9:00!I am late!

Tony Stark's P.O.V

That kid was late! Peter was already here but Percy Jackson is late! 30 minutes late! Pepper keeps telling me to calm down but what if this kid was attacked by someone who wanted information on my iron man suit! I was really worried for this kid I mean Fury was the one who told me to get him an internship here! I was only looking for one intern, Peter, but Fury said that he was and I quote "A very important person to us".

       I don't really know what he meant be that. Like, come on! How can a teenager be important to us! Is it of his whittle 'teen issues' or is he part of a whittle 'rebellion' that wants to bring us down! Oh, hardy har har! We can take him down in seconds! I was still thinking when a kid ran into the office screaming 

"SORRY!! IM SO SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN TO BE LATE!!" I really didn't mind him being late, but I did mind all the gold dust that he was brushing off on my VERY expensive rug.

Sorry this was really short I just wanted to give you a chapter and I couldn't think of anything! Plus tomorrow is mothers day so (early)happy mothers day! I had to go by some stuff for my mom and this very expensive rug gave me an idea! I know crazy but I am crazy so it's not a new thing! Sorry again   


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