~Chapter Fourteen~

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I toured Sabine through every nook, and cranny imaginable of Carrington Ranch. I was excited to share my new home with her. I still can't believe that my brother and I inherited this Estate, and all of its property.

At the end of our tour, we sat on the grass to relax near one of our pasturelands. We watched the sheep and cattle grazing, as they were securely inside of the fence. It was so picturesque and tranquil. There was the slightest breeze stirring the leaves. It caused them to rustle, and incited the grass to move.

I sat on the grass leaning toward Sabine, placing a small wild flower behind one of her ears, "Did you enjoy breakfast and your tour today?"

Her mahogany eyes focused on my unshaven face, and she nodded with approval, "Everything was magnificent. Thank you for taking me on such an extensive tour. I didn't realize how vast this Ranch was. It's extremely beautiful!"

"Your welcome! I'm still amazed that Colin, his family, and I get to live here. We grew up in a small, modest, two bedroom home. This is such a huge Estate, that we all get to have our own privacy. I'm thrilled that Aunt Ava chose to remain living here, as well. This has been her home for over forty years." I leaned back on both of my hands, while chewing on a piece of straw.

"It's so serene here. I could stay out here forever. Thank you for showing me Colin's horse, Chestnut. I love your horse with no name, too." She fell back laughing. I was so tempted to kiss her, the way her beautiful eyes shimmered in amusement.

"I'm waiting to really get to know my horse, before I name him. Chestnut, is not my kind of name for a horse. Please don't tell Bianca." I rolled my eyes in a teasing manner, and made a hushing gesture.

She inched closer, and ran her fingers through my hair. She then placed a soft kiss on my lips, "I'm sorry. I will love whatever name you decide on. Your secret is safe with me." Then she smiled, and stole my breath away.

I leaned in, and brushed my lips with hers, "Did I ever tell you, that you look perfect?"

"As a matter of fact you have. But I never mind hearing it again," she spoke in a whispery voice.

Just then, my phone buzzed with a text message alert from Colin.

Colin ~ I hate to interrupt, but we need you back at the house ASAP. A new development just happened. . .

Shayne ~ On my way!

"Sorry to cut this moment short. We need to get back to the house. That was my brother. Apparently, some new development came up." I stood and grabbed Sabine's hand, and pulled her up.



We practically, jogged back to the house. We walked at such a fast pace, and I had on wedges. Note to self, not to where wedges to the Ranch, if there is a next time.

Mr. Thatcher surprised me unexpectedly, with his presence, "Sabine, just the person I wanted to see."

Colin and all of the Carrington cousins were in the foyer as we arrived, and all eyes were on me. Something told me, that wasn't good. . .

Grey spoke first, "Why don't we all go to my father's study, and have a seat. We were just informed of a very interesting piece of news. And we need your input, Sabine."

I glanced at Shayne, and he gave me a reassuring look, "I'm sure everything is fine." He held my hand, as we walked to Mr. Carrington's old study.

We were all seated and my leg was shaking nervously, as I was on edge.

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