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"This apartment is actually really close to my house so I can stay for another 3 hours at least, we got out of school early today," Todoroki replied as I nodded in understanding, he put his phone away as his hand went to his knee, he was clutching his knee so hard I saw the tips of his knuckles turning white.

"Are you okay you seem really tense?" I ask as I could physically hear him gulp.

"I-I'm fine." He tried to reply with a calm voice but it shacked slightly giving away his nervousness. I placed my hand on top of his and looked him in the eyes.

"Shoto what's wrong?" I question as he pulled his leg away from me

"Don't say my name like that." He replied sternly, although his face held a giant blush.

"o-Oh okay sorry, why don't we go to my new room. I could give you a slight room tour, how does that sound Sho- I-I mean todoroki." I replied feeling awkward, did I do something to make him angry?

"Sure." Was all he said as a reply, I stood up first commenting on where things were in the house, like bathroom, kitchen, Aizawa's room, and finally we got to mine. Todoroki went in first, looking around quickly before sitting down awkwardly on my bed.

"So this is my room." I speak awkwardly motioning to the very empty room.

"There's barely anything here." Shoto spoke looking around, he seemed to be avoiding eye contact with me

"Y-Yea, I mean I just moved in yesterday and I didn't have much stuff anyways." I reply rubbing the back of my neck, Shoto just looked at the floor, "Hey is everything okay?"

"Yea why wouldn't it be?" He questioned glaring up at me, what the hell is his problem???

"Woah, dude just tell me what's wrong. Did I do something?" I question in an angier tone then I intended it to be. I sounded so angry but I couldn't take it back now, my pride was too big.

"No. Yea. I don't know:" Shoto replied standing up next to me, he loomed over me so I started to walk back slightly.

"What do you mean 'I don't know'! Tell me what I did so I can fix it!" I yell slightly as Todoroki continues to walking closer to me with a darker aura, forcing me to back into my closed door. He placed his hand on the wall trapping me against it, "S-Shoto?"

"I...I don't know what this feeling is, but I can't stop myself." todoroki spoke in a husky voice as he finally looked up at me, his face held a giant blush and he was biting his lip slightly. Holy fuck. Holy fuckkkk. I could feel the blush spread across my face as the thought of doing 'that' with todoroki, I was definitely feeling a warmth down there.

Not really knowing what to say I just grabbed his collar of his shirt and slammed our lips together. This kiss felt so much different than the one we shared outside. This one was rough, hungry, and lust filled. Our mouths danced as I brought my hands around his shoulders and playing with the back of his hair, pulling the kiss in deeper. He didn't waste any time with placing his hands on my waist and tracing my curves.

"What are you doing to me?" Shoto whispered pulling away from the kiss slightly looking deep into my eyes before moving his kisses across my jaw and down my neck. I don't know why but my neck was so sensitive to his touch, causing a small moan to escape my lips. Shoto pulled me closer as he sucked on my neck slightly not hard enough to leave a hickey. I let a small moan out pushing myself closer wanting, no almost needing to be closer to him.

"J-just don't stop S-Shoto." I pleaded snaking my hands through his hair. He continued to suck and bite slightly on my neck, my skin on fire from his touch. His hands went under my shirt slightly and I took this as a sign to take my shirt off. I pushed him back slightly as I grabbed the end of my shirt and pulled it over my head exposing my bra. Todoroki seemed shocked for a few good seconds just staring. I felt a little embarrassed so I pulled him back into a kiss as I pulled on his shirt hoping he would take it off. I think he understood because he broke the kiss slightly and threw his shirt somewhere in the room. It was my turn to be shocked as I just stared at his abs, holy moly he is ripped.

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