part 9

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No ones POV

The Cuban boys eyes slowly opened but the darkness of the cold cell stopped him from seeing all that much. His weak arms touched the rough floor and he slowly sat up, hand brushing against the wall as tears slipped down his cheeks. Icy-cold and numbing.

He was slightly aware of how much he was shaking but didn't really dwell on it and instead tried to stand, suddenly being thrown off balance by his unusually heavy right leg. When he bent down his hands were met with smooth, cold metal and he gasped, realising that the previous events weren't just a delusional dream.

He slumped and curled into a small ball, tucking both legs into his chest, the heat from his left leg comforting while the other was a painful reminder of the tragedy that occurred recently.

Hours passed in the dark but there was really no way to tell. Mind foggy with glassy eyes that were hazed over with a dead look. He could bearly find the energy to get up or escape, choosing to lay down and close his eyes, forgetting about the outside world. What was the point in trying anyway? He was only going to end up back here.

Metal plates slid from under the door, startling him for a second and breaking the daydream creating silence. He could tell just from the smell that it was food and shuffled over to it hurriedly, scoffing it all down hungrily and not even noticing the stale taste.

Feeling much more energised and less like a zombie or a corpse Lance stood up, wobbling on one foot and slowly adjusting to the other. He'd almost gotten the hang of it when the door swung open and a guard grabbed him by the arms, dragging him down the halls until he found himself at the front of a line.

He wasn't paying much attention though, it didn't matter. He had nothing left to live for. There was a sudden force on his back and he realised that someone had bumped into him, turning round to face them he saw a familiar yet unfarmiliar face looking back at him.

He spoke the first name that immediately came to mind without thinking and blurted out "Pidge?" The hope toned in his voice felt wrong and confusing, a strange feeling bubbling in his chest- a positive feeling. He looked harder and noticed the difference between this man and Pidge, for a start he was much taller and male.

"What?" The man looked confused and in a moment of clarity Lance yelled excitedly. "Matt!" The poor male looked even more confused as he looked Lance up and down, noticibly lingering on his right leg.

"Do I know you?" Lance's eyes sparked and he threw his hands in the air. "You're Katie's brother! I'm her friend, Lance." Lance felt so happy to have finally found Pidges brother, he couldn't wait to see the look on her face when he brings her brother back to her.

Matt was suddenly very interested and began to bombard Lance with questions about his little sister and what she was doing in space.

Lance explained everything happily but once he'd finished an undeniable feeling of lonelynes and longing made him frown. "You must miss them." Matt said upon seeing his fallen expression. Lance laughed sadly and hugged himself, homesickness making him upset.

It's not your fault, don't apologise." Matt wrapped his arms around him in a hug and Lance leant into his touch, it was the first non-violent physical contact he'd had since his arrival. "Don't worry, we'll escape." Lance smiled just as a guard grabbed them and forced him into the arena with Matt. His face plummeted into the gravel/ sand with the sudden force of the guards push.

Matt pulled him to his feat and Lance was suddenly greatful that he wasn't here alone. "I've been here only once before, it's impossible to win unless you're like Shiro or something but if you're able to survive for at least 20 minutes they'll let you live. I only made it once because of luck."

That didn't really calm Lance's racing nerves but he simply nodded before feeling a gentle pressure on his hand. It took him a second to realise that Matt was holding it. It was comforting so Lance gave him a little squeeze back and a smile, determination clear on his features.

The gates opposite them swung open, an eerie silence falling on the crowd Lance had failed to previously notice.

A beast, black with sharp horned, crooked and rough came in. Black scales and a thick tail, a small blue fire burning from it.

Anticipation swallowed both the boys and Lance trembled, paralysed by fear. "The only thing stronger than fear is hope." Matt said with a brave smile, eyes not leaving the creature that had just noticed them.

It charged with a loud growl and they manovered around it just in time as it ran straight into the wall with a thud, before turning back around angrily and charging again.

Lance's lungs were burning as he dive to the side, deperatly avoiding it, sand going in his hair and eyes. Matt called out to him and threw a small dagger, Lance didn't have time to wonder where it came from when there was a sharp sting in his arm and he screamed, it's horn slicing down the limb painfully.

"Fuck!" He clutched his arm and scowled, feeling hot blood drip everywhere. "You son of a bitch!" It slipped a claw at him and he dodged easily, jumping onto its back and stabbing the knife deep into its furry back harshly.

It let out a howl and jerked its body forcefully causing Lance to loss his footing and fall, taking the knife with him as it dragged down the beasts back. Lance's body collided with the floor at an odd angle and he let out a sharp gasp at the sudden force, rolling onto his back and standing up dazed to see a horn aimed straight at him.

There was no time to dodge and he felt it impale his chest, causing him to cough up blood into his hand as he was thrown into the wall, back smashing against it painfully.

Matt. Matt was fighting with all his might to protect his new friend, distracting the beast while Lance gained his bearings and sat up. Holding his chest with a wince. 

I can do this. He told himself firmly, flipping the knife to a better grip before standing up slowly. I can do this. He ran forward despite the pain, knife raised as he charged towards the distracted creature before swinging down with as much power he could possibly muster.

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