Chapter 18

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An hour later, Cherie and Selena sat around the living room area and going over their findings last night. The primary focus was the video footage that Cherie required from the drone and the jump drive of video footage that Samantha submitted.

Cherie goes over the footage thoroughly as Selena watches along on her laptop, "Okay, so this is what we got. Our camera drones caught the monster going through the entire room for several minutes... Then, the werewolf starts to throw stuff out the window... About five minutes later, the werewolf jumps out the broken window and goes inside the bushes... Afterward, he comes out of the bushes and leaves."

"That seems about right..." Selena added.

Cherie continues as she plays another video that was from Samantha's jump drive, "Inside the facility is a different story. From the moment, the werewolf entered the room, it went straight to the computer towers and took them apart one by one. And as you can see here, he removes something out the computer towers..."

"Hard disks," Selena specified.

"Then, he goes to one of the desks and goes through the cabinets and pulls out a large antistatic bag..." Cherie commentated.

"Smart and considerate," Selena heckles.

"Then, the monster goes to one of the smaller refrigerators, picks it up and throws it out the window. Not before putting the hard disks inside of it. Afterward, it destroyed the place," Cherie concluded.

"Making it look like it was another case of random destruction by a monster," Selena pieced together. "This was a robbery."

"Ayeka was right on the money after all. Smart on her part..." Cherie relented.

"Buying into many other misconceptions, there has to be a connection. Try finding all the victims. Start by the very first attack," Selena said as Cherie typed on her computer.

"I'll hack into the campus security system and then relay the communication to the Metropolitan police station," it had only taken her at least a minute to gain access to the police files. Cherie immediately reads over her findings, "it all started around... Around a couple of years ago... They found to be mauled to death by a wild animal. Nobody really thought much of anything back then..."

"Understandable," Selena said. Cherie continued reading.

"Many people said it was a pack of wolves, but the bite and claw marks did not match any kind of wolf and any sort of wildlife databases."

"Already, they knew they were dealing with a monster. It was out of denial that they didn't do anything about it," Selena added.

"The mayor even sent the FBI. Meanwhile, the Dean before Dixon sent the wildlife experts," Cherie reading over the reports, which kind of struck a chord with Selena.

"The FBI? Why would the FBI be interested in supposed animal attacks?"

"They said it was classified. But they should know better..." Cherie took it upon herself to hack into the FBI database to find out the connection between their FBI investigation of the Sycamore University. Her findings of the investigations were rather eye-opening, "interesting... It appeared that they are investigating a league of drug distribution and drug trafficking. According to the documents, there has been a lot of drug-related activity among fraternities..."

"And here comes the alphabet soup of degenerates," Selena insulted. "Any fraternities in particular?"

"Delta Theta Omega, Sigma Kappa Kappa, and Theta Zeta Gamma for the three involved..." Cherie announced. "It says here all three were connected to a drug distribution ring. The drugs were created and distributed on campus. LSD and crystal meth."

Selena walked around the room for a couple of seconds, thinking things over a little bit more clearly, "Just a hunch, Cherie. All the victims were male, and they were students here in this University. Check and see if they were a part of any of these fraternities."

Typing fast on her keyboard, Cherie wasted no time trying to find a connection. Fortunately, Selena's hunch was right, and Cherie couldn't be any happier, "18 out of the 19 were a part of these fraternities. Lieut. Omar Ross, who was a security guard, didn't."

"Better call everyone here, we found a connection," Selena confirms.

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