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Five weeks later

Pietro and I were standing on the hill where just six weeks ago we landed to go to the safe house, which was Clint's house, which was now a place both me and Pietro lived in. To recover and to be away from all the fighting. Just so we could live a simple life, a life we both wanted.

We watched down at the farm where Clint's children were playing outside while Laura and Clint were sitting on a picnic cloth, eating their sandwiches and drinking their lemonade as they laughed in happiness at their children doing cartwheels. "I never want to leave this place." I whispered as I smiled down at Lila who just successfully did a whole cartwheel. "Me neither." Pietro whispered back.

And we didn't.

We knew that when the time'll come we'd reunite again; as the Avengers who'd save the planet and its people on it. Time was all we had and we had to spend every minute of it the way we wanted. So everyone parted their ways. The people who didn't part ways fought against everything evil which included fighting off HYDRA meanwhile Tony stepped out of his suit, Thor went back to his own people and Bruce, he ran. No one knew where to.

But what I do know is that after all the Avengers have what they needed in the end; a family that has their back no matter what.

And a whole globe that believes in the group of misfits saving them when needed.

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