A Night to Remember

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Jack and I talked in the car for a while, keeping me distracted from where we were heading. It wasn't long before we parked the car and got out. I shut the car door and then viewed my surroundings. It was a huge maintain range and directly in front of us was a hill.

"Come on!" Said Jack walking with me towards the hill.

"We're climbing that?" I said.


"Well, I didn't exactly come prepared." I said.

"That's okay. It isn't as hard as you think."

I smirked, my mind almost instantly going to the dirty corner, and Jack must've noticed.

"No, I didn't mean it that way. Stop it!" He laughed.

I began to laugh with him as we continued to march up the hill.

"Come on! We're gonna miss the sunset." Grinned Jack as he suddenly picked me up bridal style and carried me the rest of the way.

We soon reached the top, where a beautiful looked out over the view, as we did. The gorgeous purples and oranges mixed together with pinks and yellows to create a stunning outlook over the hills and even the city. I felt tears of happiness welling into my eyes as I simply stared.

"You wanna sit down?" Asked Jack gesturing to a spot under the tree.

"Yeah, sure." I said, gently sitting down next to Jack.

Jack pulled a bag off of his back that I must've just noticed, and began to rummage through it, pulling out a small container full of pizza. I went wide eyed.

"Pizza?" He grinned.

"You bet."

For hours you and Jack talked about life and how you were going, simply enjoying one another's company. The sunset soon faded and the city's light glowed in the night sky, like a galaxy on the ground. It was so beautiful.

"Thank you for bringing me out here Jack." I said turning to him.

"Well, I'm glad you came." He said smoothly.

I felt my insides burning and my heart beating, knowing that something was going to happen. I felt something touch the top of my resting hand. Jack's thumb stroked the top of my hand gently as he gazed at me, I looked at him shyly, but when I saw his beautiful blue eyes, shimmering in the moonlight I could immediately feel my heart bursting.



For a second we simply stared at each other before Jack gently placed his other hand on my cheek and leaned in, softly kissing my lips. It was like a dream. He pulled away but I grabbed his neck and pulled him back in, kissing more passionately to seal the bond. He grabbed my hips with both of his hands and lightly squeezed them, sending a zing through my sides. I smiled through the kiss and finally we broke off.

"You wanna go home?" I mumbled.

"Yeah." Said Jack, taking my hand and leading you down the hill.

***Time Skip***

(Also warning SMUT ahead. PLEASE SKIP to next chapter if u don't like it)

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