Chapter Thirty - Prince of Knox

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Ashes fall, and smoke began to clear to reveal chaos. The sound of bullets whirled loudly in her ears, alongside her quick heartbeat. She's been thrown a few feet back from the explosion. Her head screamed, her vision slightly blurred. She struggled to lift her body up enough to see what lied in front of her.

Dozens were dead. Men in slate hue uniforms strike, and shot to kill. She's never seen this type of uniform worn on Zaloy's officers. 

Fear drained her.

These weren't Zaloy's officers.

Suddenly she remembered where she was, why she's here. Then, the memory of—Queen Lillion. She scanned the room of her body, but failed to find it. She was dead, her burned broken body lying amongst the others somewhere she cannot see. Queen Lillion's palace was in flames, her people dead. Kennet and Commander Bryant were no where to be seen.

Ava was alone.

The explosion had killed at least twenty on impact. Many bodies lay black, burned beyond repair, rotting the air of burning flesh. Queen Lillion's palace guards were weakly fighting back. The guards in slate were defeat-less.

I have to get up and help fight, she told herself. If she died tonight, it will be for killing the officers in slate. She tried to reach for a close by gun but when she tried to move a sharp, flaming needle of pain rushed toward her side. She cried out in agony. She must have bruised or broken a rib.

She examined her ribs. A rush of pain came once she touched the right low side of her ribcage. At least two bones were broken there. Her gown was in dismay, blood staining the bodice—her own—and blood—not hers—stained in splatters throughout the bottom of her gown. For a small moment her heart broke for Joosep. She had promised to protect this dress. Now it was ruined.

She searched around the room once more. She wondered why no one was paying attention to her, but she realized it was simply because she looked already dead.

Her attention shifted to an emergence of a tall dark figure coming from the explosion hole in the room. As the dark figure's shape grew closer, her vision became less blurry on his features.

It was the guy from her dreams.

He was real.

And he's looking straight at her, his ice blue eyes analyzing her. The depthness in them were truly terrifying, yet somewhat solace. Instead of confusion and uncertainty there was intention in them. His face was nameless. The dancing light from the fire burning around them shadowed his face. His ebony hair fell just below his ears in waves, his front waves tamed slightly to the side. A charcoal cape fell around him, buttoning on his left shoulder, draping in a slope, skimming the floor. Beneath his cape laid a fitted, well structured ash hued uniform. A belt to match his cape held home to a rapier. A detail that would not go unnoticed.

His steps were long and purposeful as he approached her. Her body, weak and damaged, desired action, movement. With great effort she managed to stand, and face before him.

"Hello Ava," his jaw tightened, his expression hard as his words left his lips. His presence brought intense energy waves her way, wrapping her with numerous feelings. He felt so fiercely, his emotions hard to pinpoint.

"How do you know my name?"

A small smirk curved around his lips, but faded swiftly. "You escaped on one of my father's training ships," he raised a brow. "You had to know someone would come looking for you."

Jav Kane. The eldest son of Arlo Kane. The prince of Knox. Murderer of Jin-hu's father. He was some years older, with height that towered over her. No wonder she didn't recognize him in her dreams, few people knew what Jav Kane looked like. But why did he haunt her dreams?

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