CHAPTER 4: It's a Maze? (Part 2)

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It has been three days since the gathering, and we all have been very busy. Alby had thought of all the important jobs that were needed in the Glade, which included gardeners, butchers, builders, doctors, cooks and the 'explorers'. The day after the gathering, we had discovered that during the night, animals such as pigs and chickens had been brought to the animal pen, thus resulting in the need to butchers to get fresh meat. The explorers are the ones that will go beyond the walls and see if they can find a way out.

For an unknown reason, some of the boys called a few of these jobs very weird names such as 'Medjacks' for doctors, 'Track-hoes' for gardeners and 'Slicers' for butchers. I had found it extremely annoying, and I was further infuriated when the rest of the boys started to use those titles as well! However I let it go, realising that it was a silly thing to get angry about. Alby had decided that everyone would try out all the jobs, and then choose the jobs they were best at. It was also resolved that most boys will have two jobs in the Glade, seeing we were just twenty-one teenagers that needed to build almost everything from scratch. 

Thus, these last two days I have been trying out all the jobs. I had utterly refused to try being a Slicer, (Ugh!!! Butcher!) since I could not bear to even watch someone kill an innocent animal, let alone do it myself. A majority of the boys had despised this job as well, however one boy named Winston seemed to be ok with it, and he had managed to get two other boys to help him out occasionally. The Builders weren't that bad for me, only because I was good at designing. But carrying the heavy wooden planks sent up by the Box and using all those large tools...Not me at all. However, I was really good at calculating the right dimensions for the building they wanted to build. Weird eyebrows, whose name is Gally, decided to always have me check the dimensions before building anything. He really enjoyed building, and was well suited for it with his brawny body.

The gardens were a peaceful place to work, but digging up soil and tending to weeds and plants under the boiling sun was not very tempting to me. On the other hand, I was really good at cooking. The Box had sent up boxes of canned food that will last for about two weeks. One of the boys named Siggy, or has he preferred to be called, Frypan, had immediately declared he wanted to be in charge of cooking. He took over the kitchen in the small house that we had found near the edge of the forest. Some of the boys were reluctant, but changed their mind when they discovered that he can actually cook well. However, they often made jokes on Frypan's food, since he is not the most hygienic person and has a beard and wild hair. While working at him, I discovered that I enjoyed cooking, and I was pretty good at it as well. All the boys had sweetly complimented me the night I had made their dinner. Thus, I ended up choosing cooking as one of my jobs. 

My second job is still undecided, since I am trying out the job I really want today. After my persistent pleas, Alby finally allowed me to join Minho, Newt and the other boy George to explore what is there beyond the Glade. In the past days, we had observed that the walls closed in the evening, about half an hour before sunset, and opened again about thirty minutes after sunrise. So finally after two days of observing, Alby gave the green light for us to go.

I wake up today just as the sun rises, slightly quivering with excitement at the prospect of finally seeing what is actually out there and quenching my curiosity. I walk out of the forest and towards the small house that we now call the Homestead. At the moment, it only consists of an open kitchen, three bathrooms, a small room we use for storage, and a large room, which is used by the Medjacks. Thus, we all continue to sleep outside, but I have a spot for myself in the forest so that I have some privacy. I walk into the Homestead and towards the kitchen, to see Frypan already up and preparing breakfast. 

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