Chapter 1~You're Late!!!

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Hello!! Thanks for reading my fanfic!! 

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   Percy's P.O.V     


      I need to get rid of that stupid alarm clock I thought as I got up from my comfy bed. I  got up and took a long nice shower to wake me up. After I took a shower I went to the kitchen where my mom, Sally, was cooking me some delicious blue waffles. 

"Hey mom," I said as she hugged me. 

"Morning sweetheart," she said to me "Is'int today your first day at Stark Industries"?"

"MOM" I screamed as I stuffed a waffle drowned in syrup into my mouth, grabbed my jacket, and kissed my mom goodbye. "Tell Paul I said bye" I shouted as ran to my old SUV. I had to drive to Annabeth's on the way. After the Second Giant War Annabeth and I decided that we should live closer so she moved to New York. She only lived a block away so I didn't have to drive far.

Once I got there I got my monster free phone and called Annabeth to tell her I was outside waiting for her. She was going out with Piper and Hazel to a Cafe down the street and was too lazy to walk there so she asked me. After 5 hours ( it was actually 5 minutes but

it felt like 5 hours) she finally got out. "Hi Seaweed Brain," she said to me as I kissed her cheek and she kissed me back. started talking to her about camp. "I can't wait till we get there," I said, "I hear there is a new half-blood at camp". "Me too! I really need to finish this statue" she grumbled "Aphrodite keeps telling me to add things to the it"  I look too fat,(no offense to just thought that was something Aphrodite would say) my outfit is so 500,000 years ago, I need a flower crown, where are the stone doves that were supposed to fly around me!" Annabeth mocked. In the distance, I heard thunder rumble. This was going to be along day

I really don't like this chapter I feel like I didn't add a lot of detail, anyway this was taking too long so I decided to end it here.


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