Chapter 18

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Rory stared into the trees looking at the blue jay that sat on a branch, unafraid of the larger predators. Tilting her head to the side she stared down the blue jay, positioning herself in front of Ian.

She bared her teeth, but the blue jay was unwavering. After at least a three minute staring contest, the blue jay shifted and spread its wings.

She watched as the bird transformed before her very eyes, and in the blue jay's place sat a young women with silver hair and a single streak of blue. After a moment of silence the woman smiled.

"We've been looking for you Aurora."


"You've been looking for me?" Rory spoke, shifting to her skin. She was so confused by the bird woman, she wasn't bothered that she was standing nude before her.

"I can explain, if you want to dress." The woman smiled, her eyes flickering to Ian, who stood at alert by her side. The woman took a step forward only to be growled at by Ian and wisely decided to keep her distance.

"It's ok." Rory whispered to Ian, holding her hand out to stop him from scaring away the woman who seemed to be a shifter like herself. Rory and Ian were tight and she had no doubt that Ian would attack anyone who looked at her the wrong way.

"Explain." Rory said, reaching to pull on the dress that was stashed by the creak due to the frequent trips the pack made to the location.

"My name is Blue-and no the irony is not lost on me. I was sent by the council looking for Shifters, we received word about you from whispers, and also Edna sent us a letter." Blue smiled at the mention of they batty woman.

"Council? From the Old Kingdom?" Rory frowned, remembering the book Edna gave her many moons ago. "I didn't realize that was still around. The book said you guys were hunted into extinction."

"There are very few of us left, and the hunters have joined forces with Rogues."

"Rogues?" Rory said surprised, rogues weren't known for joining forces.

"Have you noticed the increase in sightings? I can see you are becoming uneasy, how about we take this somewhere else." Blue suggested.

"That sounds good." Rory nodded in agreement, as she motioned for Blue to follow her.

Rory lead her to the house, Ian following behind Blue to keep an eye on her. The trio walked in silence and before they were even at the house Rory could tell Kole wasn't home.

'Kole?'  Rory reached out through their mate link.

'What's wrong?' Kole asked immediately jumping to the worst conclusion because Rory didn't tend to reach out in this way.

'I don't think anything, but a woman is coming home with me. Says she knows about the Old Kingdom and has been looking for me.'

'What! Is anyone with you?'

'Ian.' She could practically feel Kole wince, not trusting the young pup to protect me, but I didn't have any doubts in Ian's ability or loyalty.

'Shit, I'll be there soon. I'm already heading in your direction.'

 Rory nodded, knowing that Kole wouldn't see her but to give herself reassurance.

"I know you must have tons of questions." Blue spoke softly.

"I do. Please, have a seat. Would you like anything to drink?" Rory asked gesturing to the couch as soon as they entered the living room.

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