The Exploration of the Male Anatomy

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   The name of this amazing story is, "The Exploration of the Male Anatomy" by Shadypalmtree.

   Alright, well this book is completed, which is awesome so you won't have to be waiting for updates! :)

   Well this is a nice little romance which is frustating at a lot of points, but it has some 'awww' moments also.

   THE DETAILS! Yes, yes, yes! It's great and since it's written in third person P.O.V!

   I love how the romance doesn't start from the third or fourth chapter. In fact, it doesn't exactly start until a long time.

   It has some cruel twists, but that's what makes the story so enjoyable.

   Trust me. This is really worth the read!

   This book isn't EXTREMELY popular, but it has a fair amount of reads, comments, and votes. I definately think it deserves more though.

   I love the author's writing and it's just a book that you wouldn't want to miss.

   Here's the Blurb:      

   Naïve and innocent Cassidy had an ordinary life up until she got drunk one night and felt up the notorious playboy on campus, Adrian. She wanted to get away from him, but he wouldn't let her go that easily.

   Rate: 9.8

   Go check it out! It's too good to be ignored!

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