Chapter 5

            “Okay,” I took a seat on his bed leaning up against his pillows, “tell me what’s going on between you and the Donovan’s.” I tried to keep a straight face as he removed his shirt and laid next to me.

             “Sure thing,” he said as he stretched out. I guess he noticed either my staring or my ragged breathing because he said, “Are you uncomfortable?”

            Well the guy did have a damn six pack!

            “N-no,” I said shakily, “Just confused. Why did you take off your shirt?”

            He smirked confidently, “Because the tag was bothering me.”

            “Do you plan on putting another one on?” I pressed on. His nudity was making me slightly lightheaded and less than responsible.

            “Well, I’m lying here now!” he said as if what I had suggested made no sense, “Anyways, do you want to hear the story or what?”

            Taking another look at his abs I thought, well maybe we could just make out for, I don’t know…ever? But instead of suggesting my brilliant idea I nodded and tried to focus.

            “Alright, well. It all started about three years ago, when my oldest sister started dating one of the Donovan boys, I think it was one of the oldest. Well my sister, Chloe, has never really been the…honest type. Apparently she was cheating on her boyfriend and broke his heart or whatever. He was drunk at the club one night, yes he was drinking underage, and got into a fight with my brother and I saying he hated our family and to never come back. Luckily, his brothers were there and they held him back. But that’s what the Donovan family is: filthy, law-breaking losers. Our parents got into a huge fight and now we never talk to each other, I’d say we were enemies but really our family would rather not have any ties to them.”

            Well, that was harsh. The boys would have disgusted me if I didn’t count myself among the disgusting; I was a dirty, law-breaking loser myself! I was cheated on which made me a loser at least in Flynn’s eyes, I got drunk and I’m only eighteen so I was law breaking, and I gave away my virginity making myself dirty.

            “You think you’re above them? Why?” I asked, scooting away from him slightly.

            “Well I would never get drunk, and nobody would ever cheat on me! At least not before I cheated on them,” he smirked cockily.

            “You’ve cheated on girls?” I sat up and turned to look him in his heartbreakingly beautiful eyes.

            He sat up with me, “Well, yeah. But only like twice-“

            I took one last look at his nicely tanned skin before I slapped him hard across the cheek, cutting him off. His face was priceless, I assume he’s never been hit before. Damn pretty boy.

            “That was for those girls,” I got up and walked out, he followed me like a puppy, “You disgust me,” I muttered as I left the house.

            Flynn followed me into the yard, “Bailey! Stop! I would never cheat on someone like you!” he stopped walking, “C’mon! How are you going to get home?”

            “I’ll find a way, just leave me alone, jerk!” I yelled over my shoulder. Quickly, I slipped off my neon shoes and ran. I just ran.

            What was I thinking when I let him drive me to his house? I mean seriously? There has to be something wrong with me!

            The soil beneath my feet turned to pavement and I started walking aimlessly down the road. I don’t really want to go back to the Donovan’s, but I have nowhere else! Nothing looked even vaguely familiar, and I had no idea where the club and my car were. I passed mansion after fancy mansion and was starting to get tired, sleepy even. My foot came down on something sharp, “Ouch!” I hissed and lifted my foot up to examine it, seeing nothing in the dark night I limped over to sit beneath a street lamp. A sharp rock in the road had cut open the ball of my foot, which was now bleeding profusely. I groaned, “You have got to be kidding me!”

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