Some (only some) Things On Wattpad

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dedicated to @harranoid

This is gonna be long... here's a short list of things I'm gonna mention:

1) hate accounts

2) some people (not all, I follow people for comments sometimes) who have 356 followers & ZERO books

3) crappy fanfics (includes ALL smut)

4) good plot, horrible writing.


1) okay you hate on others I hate on you, got that? I hate people who hate people UNLESS they're hating on hatful people. Try saying that 3 times fast, haha.

2)if you have ZERO books and don't comment on anything like that something's up. In fact I can kinda understand this because my first 5 followers followed my because I followed them OR my sarcasm & humor. That's fine with me, just write a book soon. If you have no funny/relative comments, books, and just are a "hot pretty girl" who's picture you "really took" of "yourself" and you have, like 356734 followers, something's wrong.

3)crappy fanfic is self explanatory. Now, smut... don't even get me started. I came to read a book, and of you're gonna put smut in it my give my a warning. I actually READ those warnings and IGNORE that book. I NEED WARNINGS BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO BE MENTALLY SCARED FOR LIFE! *heavy breathing like after you yell angrily at someone* okay? okay. (no reference intended.)

4)I when the description is great and then the writing looks like this:

Hai. Im a cte lovbke grl BLAH BLAH BLAH!

THERE. Enough said.

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