Part 18

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"Miranda sweetie he didn't mean to do it you were going through a rough patch",His mom said trying to make a point. "Nahh we weren't don't take up for him because you know it was wrong he was cheating on me and you knew it hm some fucking mom you are",I said. At this point I just wanted to fuck somebody up don't matter who the hell it was.I looked him in the eye and he looked away when someone looks away they just gave up and their pure liars. "Get my fucking kids ready, NOW!",with that being said I walked out the house and got in the car. If I was in that house one more second I would beat his and her ass. I waited 1 more minute and just when I was about to get out he walked out with each twin on his waist. I got out go get them and put them in their carseat."You guys ready to go house hunting, "I asked them closing there door. "I love you guys bye",Andrew said waving his hand. I gave him a death glare and got behind the drivers seat and drove off.

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