His eyes(bxb)

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Again I found myself staring into those eyes.

"Max" i spoke respectfully

"Dean" he said back

"Shall we get started" i asked

"We shall"

I sat down across for him armed begin to discuss our business. Ironed out as i starred at him checking him out from under my eye lashes. He looked amazing today as always, wearing a grey fitted suit his hair parted just the right way making him look amazingly sexy.

"ax max" i was snapped out of daze as my name was called

"Yes" i spoke quickly as i preceded myself feeling embarrassed

"I'll have my assistant speak with you soon in my final decision" " thank you for coming goodbye gentleman "

With that i walked out of my office

"I hope you got everything Janice cause I was not listening" i spoke to my personal assistant

"Of coarse sir " she spoke with a giggle
"Good well email it to me" i said as i unbuttoned my suit and say at my desk.

It was a moment later that I heard my door open

"Is there something you would like janice" i asked not looking up from my computer screen

"I would hope not as of seeing in not Janice dean" spoke a voice that made me instantly snap my head up to stare into those eyes

" umm nd in sorry i didn't see you there" i said embarrassed

"Obviously" he chuckled

" what is it you need " i asked standing up to fix myself

"You" he stated leaving me frozen in place

He locked the door as he started to take slow steps towards me. I still stood frozen as he begins to kiss. As realization hits me i slowly start to kiss back.

He breaks the kiss to start inputting his clothe

"Take your clothe off" he demands

With out even thinking i immediately take off all my clothe. He stares at me hungrily as he trails his eyes down my body. I shiver at his stare.

" I'm gonna duck you so hard that the only word you'll know is my name" he groans 

Like lighting speed I'm bent over my desk with his tongue in my ass in second

"Shit max" I mainstays i felt his tongue side back into me

"You taste so good baby" he moaned

"I wonder how you feel " he stated before I felt two fingers slam into with force

"Fuck" i screamed at the pleasurable pain i feel

"You like that baby my big long fingers fucking your hole" he growls

I whimper. He slows my ads hard making me moan

"Answer me" he says

" Yes yes baby I love it fuck" I yell as he hits my prostate

"fuck baby I can't wait anymore fuck me fuck me please" i begged

" as you wish" he says pulling out his fingers. Only for him to slam his huge dick into me immediately after

I screamed as he groaned. He begin to pound into me a moment later making me high on the pleasurable sensation

"God babe your so fucking tight and warm i love your little pussy" he groaned

" fuck yes fuck me baby yessss" i hissed

He pounded into until we both yelled out our orgasms together

"Happy anniversary baby " he panted

"Happy anniversary" i sighed

A/N hope u guys liked it again tell me how I'm doing. Comment anything you feel in doing wrong and need to fix. Sorry if there were any spelling errors.

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