Chapter 27

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Thursday evening I get a phone call from Sophia.

"Hi, Soph."

She starts giggling. "I told Caleb and he won't stop smothering me with kisses. He keeps trying to talk to the baby. I keep telling him that the ears aren't developed yet. He says he knows our baby can hear him, after all he is the daddy."

I start laughing, "that man is something else. Do you feel better after telling him?"

I can hear her yelling at Caleb. "Stop Caleb, you kissing my stomach tickles." I hear Caleb in the background. "Oh yeah baby, I can tickle something else."

I yell in the phone, "hey! I'm still on the phone!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Mia. Yeah, I felt much better after your pep talk. Caleb was really excited when I told him. That reminds me, you have a date with Aiden on Saturday. You better not leave out any details!"

I laugh, "I won't. I let you go, so you and Caleb and practice for baby number two."

She laughs, "love you Mia. Bye.

"Love you too Soph."

I hang up the phone.


I'm going through my closet, trying to find something to wear.

I'm so fucking nervous. What if he tells me wants Emily. I feel like my heart would shatter into a million pieces. I decided to give this a chance.

I hear a knock on the door. I squint my eyebrows in confusion and open the door. Sophia walks in and hands me a short dress. "What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?" I ask.

She pulls my hand and walks towards my bedroom. "You're going to wear it. I know it's a little bold for you, but I think it will look good on your figure.

I roll my eyes, "ugh...I think you make me more nervous."

She turns to look at me, "why are nervous?"

I fling my arms in the air, "I have no fucking clue. Ugh...I feel like my stomach is going to explode."

She giggles, "it's probably because this time around, there are no more secrets looming over you. This is the real deal. Are you staying the night?" She sits me down at the vanity.

I look up at her in the mirror and smirk, "I put a bag in my trunk."

She giggles and continues to curl my hair.

I slip on the short yellow dress. It was bold, but I kind of liked it on.

I make my way to Aiden's house and knock on his door

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I make my way to Aiden's house and knock on his door. He opens the door and his eyes slowly roam my body. "You look amazing" he says.

I smile, "thank you, as do you."

I walk into his kitchen, "mmm...smells good. What are you cooking?"

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