Chapter Twenty Nine - Mirroring Dreams

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Something pulled her to the other balcony, and she moved toward it. She squinted her eyes as she neared the railing. A man and women were looking off into the busyness of the party. He had hair just like Xavier, his body rested just like him—it was him.

"Xavier?" she called out.

Xavier turned fast recognizing her voice and those chocolate eyes of his pierced into hers. 

Her throat became dry, realizing all this time she never thought about what she would say to him when she saw him. Her heart squeezed, and relief trickled through her blood. He rushed toward her. Her eyes were already teary, and she walked vastly toward him for if she ran she undoubtedly would have tripped in the dress.

When they meet he placed both his hands in her hair, cupping her face.

"You are alive," a tear slipped down his cheek. Without hesitation he embraced her, and she held on as if her life depended on his touch. 

"I'm sorry," was the only words that manage to leave her lips. 

"No, no," he wiped her tears. "You have no idea how many times I had to tell myself you were gone. A piece of me didn't believe that and I'm glad I didn't," he smiled.

"Ava," Ira wrapped her arms around her next, and her embrace was even tighter than Xavier's. Pulling away she gripped Ava's arms. "I was so scared. I thought we lost you, and for us to have not been on good speaking terms, I—"

"It isn't your fault," Ava smiled through her tears, "I'm just glad I found you guys."

"How did you survive?" she asked.

"Kennet Dermont."

A hint of jealousy hid behind Xavier's eyes as she said Kennet's name. This made her almost laugh. Kennet was married, there was nothing for him to be jealous of. Why would he even be jealous? They still haven't discussed the look he gave her, and as soon as they are alone she needed to figure that out.

"You found Kennet Dermont?" Ira raised a brow. "The Revivian born who turned rogue, joining the Strife? He has been missing!"

"Yes, there's something about the Revive though, that he knows, and the Strife," Ava grabbed Ira, and Xavier to the corner.

"What is it?" Ira tilted her head, making wary eye contact with Xavier.

"We cannot trust the Strife. I am speaking with Bryant and the Queen Lillion tonight, and if they don't do what I ask of them, I'll know their true motives."

"What are you talking about?" Xavier shook his head, moving closer. 

"The Strife is blackmailing Kennet. If he doesn't keep me safe, they won't release the information on the location of his wife. If I don't get information from the supplyment quarters, they won't give the resources we need to save our people."

"Wait, he has a wife?" Ira laughed. 

"Yes, but that's not the point."

"I've never heard of him having a wife."

"He does. I promised I would at least try to help him find her, since he is helping me get to the supplyment headquarters."

"So, you just believe one thing a stranger tells you and—" 

"Do you not trust my instincts?" she interrupted him. 

Xavier's tone irked her. Creasing her eyebrows she faced Xavier. He didn't know Kennet. Though she may not know him entirely, she did trust in his word. She would be able to sense when she was being manipulated, but she cannot tell him that. Not here. 

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