Chapter Twenty Nine - Mirroring Dreams

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"Name sir," a scrawny average height boy asked Kennet. He looked maybe fifteen, and a small hint of sweat coiled on his temple. His posture was impeccable, not a single flaw. It must have taken months to master. 


"Dermont," the boy said, searching his screen on the stand. "Ehh, first name?" he looked up with a shy smile. 

"Kennet. Kennet Dermont."

"Kennet..." the boy froze, darting his eyes up at them, widening. "Kennet Dermont? You've been missing and eh—"

"Yes, you can let Queen Lillion know I am safe, and I have a guest she will want to meet."

"Of—of course sir," the boy stuttered a little. He let them through, hurrying the opposite direction once they pass him. Another greeter took his place, and welcomed another late guest.

She waited a few moments before they both were far from the guests behind them. The hallway leading into the gala was long, and dark. The walls, and ceilings were pure glass, the ceilings round in shape. 

Night had already fallen, casting no light through the windows. The only bit of light seen poured in the room ahead.

"You ready?" Kennet took in a deep breath.

"I'm not sure," was her response. There was one thing that nerved her. The mirroring floors. She dreamt of a world of mirrors today. Could her dream somehow have been a vision? 

No, only seers have visions. 

Heels clicking, heart wrenching, she sauntered into the gala with Kennet. Darkness retrieved as they enter through the large oval entryway, the crowd gathering a few feet away.

High ceilings, and drapes that hug the ground present before her. Lights line the windows, the air smelling of freshly baked pastries and vanilla.

Possibly four hundred people were in attendance.

To the far left the mirrored walls change into white luxurious painting, leading to varies halls, and rooms. A balcony sat that way, leading to unknown places.

"The Queen will want to speak with you when she finds out you're alive," Kennet spoke in a low voice with a painted smile on his face.

"Just give me a little time so I can speak with my friends," she whispered.

"I promise I will stall as much as I can." 

Glances turn to stares, and she decided to move along the edges of the gatherings. Kennet and her separate. Scoping out the place, she looked for Theo's golden skin, Xavier's deep eyes, and Ira's ebony hair. Features they enthrall that she could spot anywhere. 

She doesn't have much time to find them. When Kennet comes looking for her she will have to go with him. Who knew what the Queen would ask of her, or how long she would have to speak with her. All she knew was she had to tell her and Bryant what the Revive planned for her people. They would help her. She would not take no for an answer this time.  

She climbed the balcony, hoping it would give her a better view to sort the faces in front of her. She hoped they were in the main gathering venue, or she'd have to venture within the palace. She had to lift her dress so she didn't trip walking the stairs. She passed many faces that absorb the beauty of her gown, their facial expressions in confusion why they didn't recognize her face. It seemed she had attended a gala where strangers weren't usually in attendance. 

Reaching the top she realized she miscalculated what was down these halls, for twenty feet ahead of her, stairs descend into an even larger  mirrored room than the one she had just come from. To the left of her there were hallways leading into the body of the palace. 

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