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Below are the various reading lists that we have on this profile. This chapter is designed to provide more detail on what sport-related stories belong in each of the reading lists!

The Podium — For featured and paid stories.

The Locker Room - Stories in this reading list are yet to have their own sports-based reading list. They have various different themes but still belong on the sport profile! 

Free Kicks - Whether the sport requires the ball to be controlled by the feet or thrown to other teammates, they belong here. This is the home for stories that feature football (soccer), American football or rugby. 

Bouncin' n' Dribblin' - Slam dunk! This reading list is for stories that are centred around basketball. 

Over the Net - A reading list dedicated to sports that require nets, whether that be tennis, badminton, or volleyball. 

Royal Rumble - For sports that are heavily physical... with others! Wrestling (including WWE) and boxing are welcomed in this reading list. 

Above or Below the Surface - For the swimmers, surfers, and water borders. This reading list is for stories that feature water-based sports. 

Caution! Slippery Surface - Think ice, snow, and the cold when it comes to this reading list. Sports such as figure skating and skiing are the perfect match for this reading list. 

Firm Grasp Required - The purpose of this reading list is to house stories that feature sports with some sort of stick! Hockey, baseball, and golf are among many of the sports that fit here. 

Wheels and Tyres - For all kinds of sports that have wheels, such as car racing, BMX, and skateboarding.

To have your story featured on one of our lists, please send them to us using this form.

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