Chapter 6

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It was a misty morning at the burrows. The sun was barely over the horizon, but a group of people were gathered in the kitchen seemingly waiting for someone. There was an unsettling quiet among them.

Suddenly a crack was heard and a man with a long grey beard and halfmoon glasses named Dumbledore appeared at the head of the table. He had a big smile on his face which the other wizards and witches around the table couldn't understand. He spoke with an excitement he hadn't had in ages.

' I know I'm late but I had a visit from someone very important.' Molly Weasley asked what was on everyone's minds. ' Dumbledore enough beating around the bush, and just tell us who came to see you.' Everyone at the table nodded their head in agreement.

' Well you see I was about to apparate out of my office when someone apparated in.' the others looked on in shock. Everyone knew that you can apparate out of Hogwarts, but there was only one person in the world that could do it in. Remus spoke up ' Does that mean.........'

Dumbledore had a glint in his eyes ' Yes that's exactly what I mean. Lady Trivia( Hecate ) came to me with amazing news. She said that we now had an anonymous ally that would be there whenever called apon. However he is to stay anonymous unless the situation calls for him to reveal himself. She said that he is already briefed on everything and she will be listening in on any further meetings to relay the information to him. All of us here can ask him for help by writing a letter and addressing it to PJ on the end then burning it. He will reply in the same manner. Although he will help in any matter he can from spying to anything you can think of his sole purpose is to protect Harry Potter. So whenever you feel that Harry is in danger then contact him emmediately.'

'How are we to trust him if he stays anonymous? For all we now he is you-know-who's right hand man.'

But the person was quickly silenced by his wife ' Of course we can trust him he came with the blessing of Lady Trivia.'

Dumbledore spoke again ' He had also gone through much and is quite wise, if any of you need advice or just talk he'll be there to help.'

Everyone sat and wondered who he could be for the next 10 minutes until they started to apparate out to do things.

Back at Hogwarts four Griffindor's sat at the breakfast table in silence. Harry, Ron and Hermione was pushing the food on their plate around while Percy was eating as if nothing happened. Neville had received a remembrall from his grandma it help him from forgetting everything.

Hermione looked over at Percy slightly angry ' How could you eat at a time like this?' He looked up from the bacon he was eating and stared straight into her eyes. She quickly softened and looked away. Harry and Ron was looking on in amusement.

When Percy finished his last food he turned to look at Hermione who was sitting next to him. ' You'll never guess what I did?' she looked at him confused while Harry and Ron was listening curious. He turned to Harry with a hint of mischief on his face. 'This morning before breakfast I went back to that room with the dog in.'

All three looked at him in shock then screamed in unison ' YOU DID WHAT!?' people looked over to them annoyed and went back their conversations. Percy ignored their question ' Guys I looked around the room while it was sleeping and saw that he was sitting on a trap door. What do you guess is in there?'

Hermione quickly forgot about what he did and started thinking of all the possibilities while Ron and Harry questioned Percy on how he could look around the room casually while a giant three headed dog sat sleeping in the middle of the room. He shrugged it off, but Hermione had looked at him closely while he answered and she could faintly tell that he had held something back. He was clearly a great lier but she was extremely good at reading people.

What the group didn't realise was that Percy didn't just look around the room he also played with the dog witch he had named Bob in honour of his lost friend, but besides the point. He had gone through all the rooms down the trap door using shadow travel as to not disturb the place and made it to the end where the object was hidden. Percy left it there knowing that, that was were things were going down.

That day in potions Ron had remarked that Snape came into the class with a limp and it looked like his robe was slightly bloody. And today was the first time they would be having flying lessons with Madam Hooch. The Slytherins and Griffindor's had lined up outside next to their brooms. ' Now class before we begin hold out your hand and clearly say UP.' she demonstrated and her vroom flew into her hand.

Percy did as he was told and got it right on his first try, though to be fair he's been able to fly on a broom for years now and was quite the expert. Harry got it right just after Percy and Draco after two tries. Ron's was just rolling around on the ground while Hermione's did nothing. Harry and Ron teased her a bit, but Percy saw that it was unsettling her and told them to stop.

Madam Hooch showed them how to mount their brooms without falling ' Now on three lightly kick up and float then come back down again. Understood? 1, 2- ' but Neville clearly went to early and kicked off too hard and went soaring into the sky.

Madam Hooch was screaming at him the whole way to came back down but when he was several hundred feet in the air he slipped of the front end of the broom and came hurtling down to earth.

The girls screamed while the guys gasped, a fall from that hight would surely kill someone. When he was about to touch the ground everyone looked way but a whoosh was heard and when they looked back they were shocked. Percy was sitting on his broom hovering two inches from the ground while holding a whimpering Neville.

One thought was on everyone's mind. How did he get there so fast. Percy looked at the teacher ' The whiplash broke his wrist he needs to go to the hospital wing.' Madam Hooch broke out of her stupor ' Of course. Come on boy follow me. No one is to fly while I'm not here.' with that she left.

Percy had come back to stand between Hermione and Harry and before they could start to ask him how he did it, Draco walked over to where Percy caught Neville and picked up a glinting object. It is Neville's remembrall.

'Hey look it's that stupid thing his grandma gave him.' he threw it in the air and caught it. Harry stepped forward angrily ' Give it here Malfoy. It's not yours.' he gave a sly smile ' You'll have to catch me first.'

Draco took a step towards the closest broom but slipped on muddy grass which was weird since it was clear out. Harry made a dash for one while Draco got up again. A smile tugged at Percy's lips. When they were both in the air Harry chased Draco for a bit untill the coward threw the green ball and Harry went diving after it.

Percy would have helped but he knew what Harry was capable of and he was quite fine handling this. The Griffindor's cheered for Harry and a foot of the ground he caught it and came to a light stop.

'HARRY POTTER!' everybody turned around and Professor McGonagall stood there in here green robes. ' Come with me now.' and with that she turned around and left not looking back to see if Harry was following.

Harry looked at his friends fear clearly evident in his eyes and trouged after her. The Slytherins laughed and went inside. The Griffindor's shocked followed but not before giving some distance.

Harry followed McGonagall until they reached a classroom where she asked for a student called wood. Wood looked over at Harry puzzled but he just pulled up his shoulders to indicate that he didn't know.

They reached an empty classroom where McGonagall closed the door behind them. She turned and looked at Wood. ' I think I found your next seeker.'

Harry was shocked. After talking for a bit and telling him when practice was they left to go back to class. While Harry went to the common room to meet up with his friends.

On his way back he heard Snape talking loudly. He stopped and pressed his ear against the door and listened. ' The stupid dog won't let me past! That oaf trained him too well.' someone answered that sounded like professor Flitwick ' Hold still otherwise I-I won't b-be able to heal you.'

Harry peered through the keyhole and saw Snape sitting on a stool with his robes pulled up to above his knee. His leg down was a bloody mess and looked just like a dog bite or three.

He quickly went to tell his friends. When he finished explaining what he heard and saw everyone decided that Snape was trying to get what was down there. The vote was unanimous, they would figure out what it was and stop Snape from getting it.

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