First Meeting

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Yami Yugi

You were in the Duel Area , you were watching the King Of Games who beat Seto Kaiba , when he was done , he wents away, all the fangirls screamed.'Coooool'You thought.

You were Walking to home , when you heard a strange voice , you turned back and saw a boy who was following you , you begann to run away , then he too.He catch you and brought you to the corner , he tried to rape you "Hey!"a deep voice shout.The boy turned back" bakura , how dare you to rape this girl!"the king of games shout angry "She is so sexy , I couldn't hold myself"he said.You were with pantie and bra.The king of games was angry , a gold eye appear by his forehead and a then bakura fell to the ground.You cried.He was trying to rape you , you knelt and hugged yourself.The king of games came near to you and gives you his jacket."I am sorry , I was too late "he said sad.You took his jacket and wear it"Nevermind , t-thank you"you said"You are welcome"he said happy,he showed his hand , he wanted to help took his hand and he help you to stand up.You blush , he too."I will bring you home , okay?"he said"Thank you"you said , then he and you go to home , after that , he went to his own house...


A group of boys bullied a little boy."HEY!LET HIM"you shout"What if we won't?"a boy said"I WILL KICK YOUR AXX!"you shout"Come!"he shout.You kick their axxes and they ran away."Are you okay?"you ask"yeah , thank you, what's your name?"he ask"my name is (y/n) and yours?"you ask"My name is Yugi Mutou,nice to meet you"he said shy"Nice to meet you too,let's go the nurse office..."you said"n-no we d-"he was cuttet by you"Please..."you said"f-ine"he said...


"THIEF!"a soldier shout.You were running for your life.But you were stopped."You little sxit , how dare you to stole so many gold and food"he said"You Asxxxholes , nobody has something to eat,I just stole , because I wanted to buy for the poor people something to eat!"you scream"Shut up , you are coming with us!"he said

We were at the kingdom.
They carried you to the thron.
There was he , you hate him so much , because of him , nobody gets food.
"Who is this"he ask"My Pharaoh , she is a thief , she stole to much gold and food!"he said"Why did you do that?"he ask"You, BASTARD because of you , the poor people gonna die,and you shalt be a king!HA!Don't make me laugh.You all just thought for your gol~OOOUCH!"you shout for pain.The priest seto kaiba hit me with his stab"HOW DARE YOU TO SPEAK , TO THE PHARAOH LIKE THAT!"he shouted angry " SILENT!"the pharaoh shout.But he was shocked what things you said to him"Is that true,the people are gonna die because of me , I thought they have enough food!"he shout by the last words."You all lied to me"the pharaoh said dangerous"M-my pharaoh we did-"seto was cuttet"I don't want to hear something , let me alone with her!"he shout.Everybody was scared and than they go.You were shocked , he didn't know something about all that."is that true!?"he ask "Yes , every month more then 3 people dies"you said.he was sad"What's your name?"he ask "(y/n)"you said"Do you wanna be my helper?"he ask"w-what?"you was shocked"I-i don't know...""please , you are the only one , who is saying the truth, please..."he said"I am in!"you said"Good"he smiled"Now , we are gonna make this land happy"he said...

Yami Bakura

You were walking between two buildings(smart girl😐)You were not alone , they were 5 boys , they wanted to have ran for your life , you couldn't , there was a wall.They came near "Come on babe,let's have - ""fun"a deep voice spoke behind the boys.They look back ,but a boy tried to rape you."You will go all to the shadow realm,MUHAHAHAHA!"then the thing glowed and they disappeared.He was looking at you , you were only with bra and skirt.Your outfits were torned.He came near to you.You stand up and go back.There was a wall.GREAT.He was in front of you.He looked and your breast and he blushed , then he came near to you.He kissed,sucked(i hate this word)licked your neck.You moan.Then he stopped."What's your name"he ask, his hot breath was against your neck"(y-y/n)"you said.He step away"Here"he said and gived you his jacket"T-thank you"yoi said.But when you wanted to say something , he was not here...

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