Chapter One

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Freddy and Foxy were in the main room sitting at the table with their heads down, Freddy was thinking about how he was going to find a new guitarist for his band since Bonnie didn't want to join, he placed posters all over town but most were not interested, he knew how hard it was going to be to replace Bonnie with a new guitarist to make the band complete.

Foxy lifted up his head and began tapping his hook on the table in boredom, he then remembered that the storage room needed to be cleaned up, they never had a chance to organize it since they moved into Fazbear Studios, Foxy knew maybe it was the right time to do it.

"Freddy," Foxy suddenly said "we never had a chance to clean out the storage room, maybe we could that if we have nothing better to do."

"Oh my gosh, thanks for reminding me, Foxy!" Said Freddy "we should go do that!"

Freddy and Foxy got out of their seats and went downstairs to the storage room where multiple boxes were scattered everywhere, they figured there were things in the boxes that they could get rid of, Foxy went to a random box and began looking through it, Freddy went to find boxes that were empty to put the stuff they didn't need anymore, to his surprise, he found a couple of them on the shelves, he took them off and sat them on the ground.

"Foxy, if you find anything we don't need anymore, put them in one of these empty boxes, ok?"

Foxy gave Freddy a thumb up and continued looking through the box, it was filled with vinyl discs along with a record player that belonged to Freddy.

"Hey Freddy, what do you want me to do with these?" Asked Foxy.

Freddy walked over to Foxy and looked in the box, he forgot all about the record player, he remembered when he used to play his favorite songs on it when he was younger, it was part of his childhood, he would hate himself if he got rid of it.

"Keep it." Freddy suddenly said.

Foxy closed up the box and gave it to Freddy, he carried it to the shelf and placed it on the bottom nicely, Foxy went to get another box and did the same thing as he did with the other one he opened up before, but this time, he found something that was part of his childhood, it was a stuffed animal of himself, it was given to him before he was abandoned, he didn't want to remember his sad past. Foxy then began hugging it. before he met Freddy, his plushie was the only thing he had, he never had friends at the time, nobody wanted to be friends with him. Foxy erased the memories of the past and focused on how his life is now, he has friends who care about him, but the one that he cares about most is Freddy, Freddy was the reason he's there, he saved his life.

Foxy began placing everything back in the box and handed it to Freddy, he then went to find another box but this time, he found one that he didn't know about, it was a box designed with things that represent Fall. Foxy didn't know where it came from, he didn't recall seeing the box when they moved in, he called Freddy over to investigate.

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